Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Bloomberg posts a practical guide to workplace challenges and solutions

“A single academic paper, published by three Australian researchers in 2007, has been cited by Wikipedia editors over 2.8 million times—the next most popular work only shows up a little more than 21,000.” Link here

Putin’s inauguration: Ex-German chancellor’s front row seat sparks criticism DW 

AS USUAL, EVERYBODY KNEW: Eric Schneiderman’s Inevitable Fall: The New York attorney general’s dark-side personal life was an open secret in Democratic Party circles

NYT on TRUMP and Other Unsuprising Matters of Nuclear Concern 

Firm Tied to Russian Oligarch Made Payments to Michael Cohen

Anonymous shell companies rising: Why organizations should be concerned about this growing threat

Criminals have learned, through trial and error, that anonymous shell companies can pass scrutiny. Authorities and entities don’t question them, the fraudsters blend in and they don’t appear to be risky. And organizations are eager to work with them. It’s time to start reversing this trend.
Fraud Magazine 

How to handle the person you hate in the office

Roaming Charges: All the President’s Lawyers Counterpunch 

200th Anniversary of the Birth of Marx and a Revolution in Understanding History

How Marx recognized the economic forces that give rise to and perpetuate ideologies that promote injustice.

Art of the leak: how the budget is strategically doled out for maximum effect
Over time, governments came to see that there was political gain to be had by selectively leaking both the budget deliberations and some of the actual measures. 
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There was one simple goal: to find out how much income tax was paid by
Glencore Investment Pty Limited, Australia’s biggest coal miner. Our quest had more spills than a Blues Brothers movie. We were met with the threat of a lawsuit, newspaper editors caving in with grovelling apologies, weeks of company searches costing hundreds of dollars, a hostile PR offensive run in rival media and the mining lobby and were still none the wiser. This story demonstrates why Tax Office transparency is absolutely critical to the public interest.
Time: 11.30 am, July 21, 2014.
Place: Fairfax Media boardroom.
On one side of the board table sat Peter Freyberg, chief executive of Australia’s biggest coal miner Glencore, his finance duo Earl Melamed and Nick Talintyne, and PR man Francis de Rosa. Across the table, a motley crew: this reporter, SMH managing editor Peter Gearin and forensic accountant Jeff Knapp.
Glencore, media battles and the pitfalls of fighting a multinational

Big Four: guardians of the guards infiltrate the infiltrators

#Top40 Tax Dodgers Countdown: critics and trends by

Ombudsman: latest detention bungle highlights serious Home Affairs flaws
Michael Manthorpe has told his former Immigration colleagues to have yet another go at fixing detention review processes, after an administrative error led to a man being detained for almost four years while holding a valid visa.

If you’ve been the object of bad workplace behavior, knowing your options can be the first step to getting justice. Let this guide be your road map for navigating some all-too-common scenarios

Busted: Britain Confiscates $700,000 in Bitcoin from Hacker

Tyler Cowen, Koch Brothers Funding, Mercatus Center, George Mason University, and Academic Freedom

Recent documents disclose how private money, from the Koch Brothers, among others, curtailed academic freedom at George Mason University, its Antonin Scalia Law School, and its associated Mercatus Center.

Yes, Britain is closing its tax havens. But let’s not forget it created them in the first place

Great Britain’s need for guns, war supplies drove 18th-century industrialism, Stanford scholar says.”  

Trainers found guilty in 'biggest scandal in racing history' 

Kill Me Now
Oliver North named president of the National Rifle Association Washington Post

WHOSE SPIES WERE THEY?: How a private Israeli intelligence unit — the same one that harassed accusers of Harvey Weinstein — was employed to spy on and entrap U.S. officials who had negotiated the Iran nuclear arms agreement. The latest from the New Yorker’s Ronan Farrow

BEYOND MOONWALKING: Michael Jackson also wanted his freedom, a white freedom, writes Ta-Nehisi Coates in the Atlantic. There’s a difference, however, with Kanye West’s embrace of Donald Trump. “The rule of Donald Trump is predicated on the infliction of maximum misery of West’s most ardent parishioners, the portions of America, the muck, that made the god Kanye possible,” Coates writes.

Hundreds of flights between UK and Italy grounded by strikes Independent

How Colonies Can Liberate Themselves by Taxing Real Estate D&S Blog

Marxism without Revolution: John Quiggin - repost

#1 on Australia's Top40 charts is coal miner Glencore