Saturday, June 10, 2017

Underground Surry Hill of Sydney

“The mind is like a river. The thoughts are like the various droplets of water.  We are submerged in that water. Stay on the bank and watch your mind.”

 Garden of botanicals: The Stillery cocktail bar is a gin lover's dream ...

Sydney pubs blow up the pokies for live music

Sydney is vivid and full of options
Sydney is full of these old dunny lanes, a relic of the city’s past. 

Roses, like many plants, evoke memories and tell us stories – not only about the people who grow them in their gardens, but also about the people who named them and the 
people they were named for.

Rosa 'William Shakespeare'
Rosa 'Gabriella Imrichova' - 'William Shakespeare'

They are an opportunity for inner city gardening, spaces in between streets that can be too narrow to be useful for developers and wasted if left to store junk that belongs in council throw-outs. They can act as symbols of a community’s values.  

Punica granatum (Pomegranate), 2016, Watercolour.
If transformed into a communal garden, a dunny lane can be the catalyst for neighbourly interaction in cities that can feel isolating for residents, and provide a 
space for the natural world to exist amidst the urban sprawl  Dunny Lanes secret garden - where Malchkeon used to secretly park her Nissan NXR ...

Push to save Sirius, Sydney's controversial brutalist landmark