Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Fireproof cladding Grenfell Tower

this world
we walk on the roof of hell
gazing at flowers
— Kobayashi Issa, born on this date in 1763 

A firefighter who attended Grenfell tower has written this: Michael Rosen Blog If you can only read one link today, make it this one. Harrowing.

THOUSANDS of militant construction unionists have walked off the job as they ramp up the fight against the Government's industrial relations

Unions rally in national day of action to protest government industrial ...

May calls London mosque attack 'sickening'

 Traumatized Tenants Near London Fire Threatened with Legal Action: ‘No Ball Games’ or ‘Anti-Social Behaviour’

Grenfell Tower fire: British ministers reveal building cladding was banned under UK regulations

Other revelations from the Moscow archives revealed that the Soviets had already created schemes that were indeed stranger than fiction. These included a plan to move saboteurs from Nicaragua across the Mexican border and into the U.S. disguised as illegal aliens. Radar stations, pipelines and power towers were all targeted in great detail as were port facilities in places like New York City. Other archive documents, available to researchers for a few years in the early 1990s (when a fistful of hundred dollar bills could work wonders) delivered all manner of disturbing and now well documented proofs. The Rosenbergs were indeed Russian spies, Alger Hiss was mixed up in Russian espionage efforts and the American Communist Party was in the pay of the Soviet Union and served as a tool for espionage, subversion and propaganda. Many left wing writers and politicians were either on the Soviet payroll or eager to assist Soviet espionage activities 
Today they assist Kremlin chaos-creating activities

The world-traveling "Truth Booth" visits Australia this week. 

(1) The CEO of a global journalism organization says fake news "can be turned to our advantage." (2) Forbes fact-checks President Trump’s economic tweets while Trump tweets that media doesn’t report good economic news.  (3) Here are some fake news stories "that have rocked Africa."  (4) CQ takes a detailed look — including a timeline and bibliography — at journalism’s history of trust, fact-checking and more. (5) The U.S. celebrated Flag Day this week, and a television station knocked down some misinformation about the nation's flag. (6) WikiTribune surveyed its potential readers and found some interesting things, including the percentage of respondents who subscribed because they’re tired of “fake news.”  (7) A lot of people are killed by guns in America, but it's not 93 million a day. (8) For Donald Trump's 71st birthday, Libération compiled a list of 71 dubious claims he made over the years. (9) How should you interview conspiracy theorists? Some tips. (10) New tragedy, new round of misinformation. (11) The UK's fact-checkers have been busy; here's what Full Fact has done during this election. (12) There's a new fact-checking effort in Paraguay.
Aussie tourists duped into eating dog meat in Bali

Cybercrooks rake it in with Fake-News-as-a-Service

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