Thursday, June 22, 2017

MEdia Dragon as Soltice Outlier - Museum of Failure

Denmark is deemed the best place in the world to live 

It takes one failed liar to know one ...

Story image for origin from ABC Online

State of Origin II: NSW the architects of their own blues

Queensland produced a stunning effort to win State Of Origin II, but we have to talk about what on earth the Blues were doing in that game.

In a further proof of Australia's descent into third world status, roads are a mess, pavements are full of uneven surfaces / Buckingham St Surry Hill/ our internet service took 5 minutes to upload the image below:

Typical MEdia Dragon - penetrating sleep patterns of comrades  under the cover of  covert jokes under  Latitudest  ()

Museum of Failure Speaking of Hard Core Ironies of Attitudes

Museum of Failure is a collection of interesting innovation failures. The majority of all innovation projects fail and the museum showcases these failures to provide visitors a fascinating learning experience. The collection  of media dragons ;-) ...

Get inspired by this Museum of Failure The just opened Museum Of Failure in Helsinborg, Sweden does just that, showcasing gadgets that were consigned to the bin

The “I’m Back And You’re Fired” board game from 2004 looks like Monopoly, but players use “T” branded pieces and the paper notes are adorned with Trump’s image.

“It’s a boring version of Monopoly. It’s simplified so stupid people can play it, but it’s also horribly boring,” West says.

The Museum of Failure is also home to some high-tech devices, including Google’s Glass headset with augmented reality display and in-built camera.

Sweden's Museum of Failures pays homage to products that flopped

We all know history's top products, but sometimes flops can be fondly remembered, too. That's where Sweden's Museum of Failure comes in.

Australia has dropped five places in a global survey of the best places to live, but it still remains one of the only countries outside Scandinavia

The initial response to the Grenfell Tower fire was "not good enough", Theresa May has said, blaming "a failure of the state, local and national