Thursday, June 08, 2017

Bob Dylan's Nobel Lecture

Why real human beings and true journalists need to appreciate the lyric

"When I first received this Nobel Prize for Literature, I got to wondering exactly how my songs related to literature," Bob Dylan said ...Listen Bob Dylan's lecture.  He then cited musicians who inspired him -- including Buddy Holly, whose music "changed my life" and made him want to write songs when he was a teenager -- and the classic novels that made a big impression, including "Moby Dick", "All Quiet on the Western Front" and "The Odyssey". Referring to the main character Odysseus, the writer of "Blowin' In The Wind" said in the speech: "He's tossed and turned by the winds. Restless winds, chilly winds, unfriendly winds. He travels far, and then he gets blown back." Nobel Lecture | Swedish Academy

Technological Change Quickly Makes The Present Obsolete. So What’s A Novelist To Do?

“We live in a world where occupations that once seemed reliably perennial, like clerking in a retail store, are suddenly teetering on the brink of extinction. For novelists, whose work typically takes at least a year (and often much longer) to produce, delivering an up-to-date depiction of contemporary life must be a maddeningly elusive goal.” 

Black days ahead for blogoshphere as Ann Stocker also lamented about the "Last Post" by another Joe  - Smarter Joe Kristan (as his Roth & Company is joining Eide Bailly)  : "Hope you only take the summer off….and come back stronger than ever under the Eide Bailly brand. I (as well as many others) have learned so much from you and have appreciated the sharing of your ideas!!!"
 Joe Kristan used to write the Tax Update items, and any opinions expressed or implied are not necessarily shared by anyone else at Roth & Company, P.C. )

"One can be taught—and one needs to be taught—how to look," says Philippe de Montebello. "This is why I am so impatient with those who want to position their museum as a form of entertainmentDr Cope Pottery Collection 

Remember Martin Shkreli, the guy who raised the price of his company's life-saving drugs so high that some lives could no longer afford to be saved? He not only has his securities fraud trial coming up, he's the subject of a new Broadway musical called "Pharma-Bro." The Financial Times fact-checks it out

 50 Years After “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” Life Flows On | Town Topics

There's something unsettling about these anniversaries.
More here: Fifty Years On...

Everyone's got a guide to identifying fake news these days, including late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel. One of his tips: "Anything Wolf Blitzer says is fake news." And don't miss his "Schoolhouse Rock" parody video.

A Global Guide to Initiatives Tackling “Fake News” By Fergus Bell May 8, 2017 [many thanks!] – Here’s a list of initiatives that hope to fix trust in journalism and tackle “fake news”. There’s a lot. I’ve tried to collect an extensive list of projects, initiatives and tools created to fix trust in journalism and false/fake news and misinformation. This also includes efforts and initiatives around verification. Where possible I’ve also tried to attach where the funding has come from for each initiative.”

A Republican operative in Florida received a trove of Democratic documents from the Russia-linked hacker believed to be a key player in the Kremlin's efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election. The Wall Street Journal identified the operative as Aaron Nevins, who last summer told hacker Guccifer 2.0 to "feel free to send any Florida based information" after learning that the hacker had tapped into Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee computers. Nevins set up a Dropbox to allow Guccifer 2.0 to share 2.5 gigabytes of stolen DCCC documents, according to the Journal. The GOP operative then published some of the material on the blog, using a pseudonym. Guccifer 2.0 sent a link to the blog post soon afterwards to Republican operative Roger Stone, a longtime confidante and associate of then-candidate Donald Trump.

New database shows how prosecutors handled corporate crimes. Some corporations were never prosecuted.

With a 6-figure investment, the definitive @realDonaldTrump archive is expanding to other areas