Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Saga of Modern Sydney

Photo shows Canadian man calmly mowing lawn with tornado behind him 
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Eddie Obeid's barrister has told the state's highest criminal court that it is "an affront to the dignity of Parliament" for the courts to set standards of conduct for politicians and the former MP should not have stood trial for criminal misconduct.
Legal Circus Eddie Obeid's lawyer tells court it is an affront for courts to judge MPs

Dumbfounding failure Obeid trial

THE barristers who fought Man Monis' High Court challenge two days before his deadly siege work in the same building as Katrina Dawson, just metres from the Lindt cafe.
It is believed the 50-year-old hostage-killer did not attend the 20- minute application on Friday where two High Court justices dismissed a bid to reinstate his appeal for the conviction of sending letters to the families of dead Australian soldiers.
Monis, who had been receiving Legal Aid funding, and his partner Amirah Droudis were represented by barristers Guy Reynolds SC and David Hume.
Gunman Man Haron Monis' barristers caught up in the tragedy ...

The Labor Party, Chinese property developer Huang Xiangmo, and the seat in the NSW parliament

Imagine if there was a company which received millions of dollars in government grants each year, paid no tax as it held charitable status, owned recruitment agencies and also owned a law firm which fought against penalty rates for young workers and workplace leave for victims of domestic violence.
There is such a company. It is called the NSW Business Chamber Limited. Its financial statements show the NSW Business Chamber recorded revenue of $190 million dollars last year of which $5.8 million came in government grants.