Friday, June 02, 2017

UK - Labour is surging in the polls

The world has too many images, words, and too much information, don't you think ? I want to sell silence.

The Graphic History Collective has launched a new activist art project: Remember | Resist | Redraw: a Radical History Poster Project.  Artists Media Dragons Unite ...Since January 2017, we are publishing posters for free on our website. Like our previous books about working-class history (May Day and Drawn to Change), each poster will be published with a formal essay by an artist or activist for context. We want to share these posters widely ...

The government audit, from September 2016, reveals that the DoD “did not have accurate, up-to-date records on the quantity and location”of a vast amount of equipment pouring into Kuwait and Iraq to provision the Iraqi Army. “This audit provides a worrying insight into the US Army’s flawed – and potentially dangerous – system for controlling millions of dollars’ worth of arms transfers to a hugely volatile region,” said Patrick Wilcken, Amnesty International’s Arms Control and Human Rights ...

Speaking of forthcoming election of Mother of Parliament, Nine tenths of England’s floodplains not fit for purpose, study finds Guardian

C-SPAN provides current and comprehensive video coverage of the Executive Branch via specific subject matter that includes: Recent Events; President Trump’s Tweets; White House Briefings; White House Daily Schedule; Trump Administration; Trump Cabinet. Users may browse content using image tiles or a search feature, and the site is updated regularly.

Joshua New/Center for Data Innovation: “Bloomberg has created a series of data visualizations and maps illustrating the accelerating rate of ice melt in the Arctic as part of a series of articles examining the political implications of this change. 

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn recently invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege against self- incrimination in response to a subpoena issued by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence for documents related tothe Committee’s ongoing investigation into possible Russian involvement in the 2016 election

Combating misinformation with Number 10’s Alex Aiken - No, it's not propaganda, and yes, it is a critical government profession that enhances and saves lives. Britain's top government communicator has a message for his Australian counterparts: stand up for yourselves and get out of the office. Combating misinformation with Number 10’s Alex Aiken

'Missing, Where's Theresa?' Social media roasts Prime Minister ...

'Three minutes of nothing' - reporter explains the frustration of trying ...

The Guardian takes a look behind the scenes as fact-checkers, economists and statisticians try to prevent misinformation from going viral in the UK general election

Labour is surging in the polls – and it’s all because the media is finally giving Jeremy Corbyn impartial coverage Independent.

Why it’s unfair to single out Jeremy Corbyn over MI5 surveillance The Conversation. Worth remembering that 1984 sprang from the mind of a son of the British Empire.

Cash Bail, a Cornerstone of the Criminal-Justice System, Is Under Threat WSJ

B.C. Election: Greens to support NDP in four-year government deal Vancouver Sun 

Hackers will target American voting machines—as a public service, to prove how vulnerable they are. When over 25,000 of them descend on Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas at the end of July for DEFCON, the world’s largest hacking conference, organizers are planning to have waiting what they call “a village” of different opportunities to test how easily voting machines can be manipulated. Some will let people go after the network software remotely, some will be broken apart to let people dig into the hardware, and some will be set up to see how a prepared hacker could fiddle with individual machines on site in a polling place through a combination of physical and virtual attacks. At 2015’s DEFCON, hackers targeted onboard car software, and two shut down a Jeep’s brakes and transmission from miles away. With all the attention on Russia’s apparent attempts to meddle in American elections—former President Barack Obama and aides have made many accusations toward Moscow, but insisted that there’s no evidence of actual vote tampering—voting machines were an obvious next target, said DEFCON founder Jeff Moss.

Superyachts in Southeast Asia takes luxury travel to the high seas SCMP

Robert Wood,‘Soup Nazi’ Tax Evasion Case Holds Lessons For Every Business

A Quick Note About Single Payer  Ian Welsh (martha r). Calls– although not in such bald terms– for the basic Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) approach. Makes sense to me (compare the length of the seminal pieces of New Deal securities legislation against the Dodd-Frank monstrosity)

The U.S. Intelligence Ship Is Too Leaky To Sail Bloomberg 

Usually, fact-checking a prediction is a pointless exercise. But the Conversation puts some math behind a viral claim about how an increase in young voters would affect the outcome of the British elections.  

Embracing cultural diversity: Online social ties in distributed workgroups
Online social networks are providing unprecedented opportunities for employees to interact with colleagues from a broad array of cultures, backgrounds and locations. The question is: does the potential for unfettered networking across diverse work groups actually occur or do employees still tend to cluster in groups with similar profiles? In other words, does the online world loosen the bonds that tie people to the familiar?  New research from Cornell University and IBM Research helps answer those questions.
Embracing cultural diversity