Thursday, June 15, 2017

A 300-Seat Independent Cinema to Launch in Marrickville This Month Modelled off Bohemian Art Deco cinemas

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Ian Foster, assistant coach of the All Blacks, said something today which caught my eye ahead of this Saturday night's All Blacks versus Samoa game at Eden Park, Auckland.

"The best way to prepare for a battle is to have a battle.”

A new independent cinema, Addison Road Picture House, is opening this month at the Gumbramorra Hall in Marrickville.
"The idea actually came from the Art Deco cinemas that used to exist in the Inner West throughout the ’50s and ’60s,” says Vicky Gutierrez from the Sydney Latin American Film Festival, which is teaming up with cinema for a launch event. “There’s actually quite a rich history of theatre that used to be here – there used to be one on here on Addison Road."
On June 24, the cinema and film festival will host a two-day event including a screening of the critically acclaimed Mexican film, Mara'akame’s Dream, which tells the story of a young Huichol Indian who dreams of travelling to Mexico City to play with his band – but his father wants him to follow tradition and find his spiritual self.
This will be the first of many screenings at the 300-seat-cinema, made possible by the Inner West Council's Stronger Communities grant.
“Because it’s a multi-purpose space we can screen a movie and then have a band perform afterwards – there’s a real lot of potential,” says Gutierrez.
A film program is currently in the works, expected to kick off later this year.

A 300-Seat Independent Cinema to Launch in Marrickville This