Thursday, May 12, 2016

Totalitarian Antipodean Bear aka Simple (Sound Bite) Mike

The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do. 
~  Joseph Stalin

 Council merger fallout widens for Bairdand Turnbull as administrators questioned  

The Baird government has created 19 new councils across Sydney and NSW. And the government has said it would merge another nine, pending the outcome of litigation over council mergers. "The most comprehensive local government reform in more than 100 years will result in 19 new councils beginning operations from today," Premier Mike Baird said Baird: Winter has come to the inner west and like Ned Stark the heads of democratically elected representatives have been chopped off

Unelected administrators will run  NineTeen (19) new councils in NSW for more than a year, after the Baird government sacked mayors and councillors from 42 councils on Thursday and drew fire for trashing local democracy. But Premier Mike Baird  brushed off the criticism, saying "people have us here to make decisions" and insisted the new councils would deliver better services for lower costs.
The Ghosts of 1936 Are Haunting Sydney : the nights of electoral political knives are in and elected officials are out

Conservative radio commentator Alan Jones has declared Mr Baird has "gone mad", is a "bully" and running a totalitarian regime over amalgamations and lockout laws.
There have been protests over the loss of people's homes for theWestConnex motorway, cuts to TAFE and increased police powers to quell protests at mining and coal seam gas sites

New South Wales council general managers who miss out on interim jobs at the helm of new merged councils might be able to stay to the end of their contracts as deputies, to avoid saddling ratepayers with the cost of paying out their entitlements.
A spokesperson for Local Government NSW told The Mandarin it still wasn’t entirely clear what would happen to all of the GMs who are not named as the interim bosses of the 19 new councils the state government has announced so far.
But it appears that rather than being out of a job — which could make the new councils liable for compensation of up to 38 weeks’ pay in some cases — some of them at least may be brought across to the new merged councils as deputies until their contracts end.
Part of the confusion stems from a proclamation about senior staff positions that was published online by the government and distributed by LGNSW to its members yesterday but has now been removed. Another proclamation that remains online, however, confirms that interim GMs who were previously council GMs will retain the same employment conditions and same goes for deputies:
“If a person appointed as a deputy general manager was, immediately before the amalgamation day, the general manager of a council, the person has the same rights and entitlements (apart from the person’s position) as if the person were a senior staff member who was transferred to the new council under this Proclamation.”
What next for sacked NSW councils? GMs offered way to stay