Friday, May 06, 2016

Elections 2016: Global Phenomenon

Democracies end when they are too democratic Andrew Sullivan, New York Magazine.  We are so old Even MDs remember when Sully endorsing Obama was a big deal...
Who’s Afraid of Communism? The New Republic

Who is afraid of Sharia Law Sadiq Khan elected London's first Muslim Mayor after bitter campaign
LONDONISTAN: Americans will react with shock when they find out the new Mayor of London is a Muslim who called moderate Muslims ‘Uncle Toms’.

DEAR GOP: I’VE DECIDED TO START SEEING OTHER PARTIES. “I have a hard time seeing profound ideological differences between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump…For over twenty years, all you have been able to offer me in presidential elections is something and someone to vote against,” Stephen Kruiser writes. “I’d like something to vote for again. So I’m leaving. Don’t write. Don’t call. Don’t stalk me on Instagram. We’re done, GOP. Several years too late, but it’s over. I’d like my key back now.”

How many PRs are Down under one wonders ... America now has nearly 5 PR people for every reporter, double the rate from a decade ago Muck Rack

After nanny June and our thoughtful neighbours Nancy and Ernie turned 90, it is now David Attenborough turn to celebrate 90: David that Naturalist issues stark warning about apathy towards climate change Independent
AU:  Election 2016 Australian Electoral Commission

Via Commentariat at the House of Professor Quiggin: Put some money on Labor and when the odds Shorten (?) then put money on Liberals...

Nearly a month ago, I noticed that betting markets were giving long odds (3.5 to 1) against a Labor win in the (presumably) forthcoming election. That would be a good bet if you thought Labor had a better than 22 per cent (1/(1+3.5)) chance of winning. Given that the polls were pretty much tied, I thought those were good odds Polls vs Punters an explanation

Dr Mumbo’s inbox tells him Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will call an election by Monday morning. How can he tell I hear you ask? It might be something to do with the fact Communications Minister Mitch Fifield’s press team has just sent out a whole bunch of emails announcing the appointment of various people to a pretty much every board under his purview...Monday Morning: How to tell an election is about to be called

Say farewell to two of Australia’s most ~entertaining~ politicians Put your choppers out and say “Twiddleytoo”, because neither Bronwyn Bishop nor Clive Palmer will be seeking re-election It’s ... it’s almost bittersweet in a way. Their antics were bloody excellent.

Firebrand Labor senator Sam Dastyari was frustrated at attempts to limit his questioning of Ms Guthrie and other officials over Fairfax Media reports about an ABC board member's handling of a whistleblower who alerted her to a corruption scandal at corporate giant Leighton Holdings.
This occurred when Kirsten Ferguson, appointed to the ABC board last year, was Leighton's ethics committee chair. New ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie experienced a baptism of fire in her first appearance before the Senate, facing tense questioning from Labor and Coalition senators on her fourth day in the job.Ms Guthrie, who officially took over from Mark Scott on Monday, was grilled on reported plans to shut the ABC's fact-checking unit, alleged left-wing bias, staff trips to Cannes and the broadcaster's decision to commission its own typeface. New ABC boss Michelle Guthrie faces Senate baptism of fire

What should a federal ICAC look like? The hypothetical long arm

Public service battle between ATO and unions heats up amid new vote on pay, condition

US:  Flashback: “No More Politicians: The Presidency Is Trump’s to Lose,” Roger Simon accurately predicted in August of 2015.

An anthropologist explains why Trump will win in November Fabius Maximus
America Becomes What Its Founders Feared The National Interest
Hillary Clinton private email server problems split opinions FT. “‘This isn’t public corruption . . . this isn’t a venal crime,’ one person close to the Clintons told the Financial Times.” So what kind of a crime is it, then? And if a public official privatizing their official communications isn’t corrupt, what is?Who paid for those communications to be made and stored? The public. And now representatives of the public can’t see what is theirs because, as nobody, including this FT reporter, ever mentions, private individuals hired by Clinton deleted half of it.
Trump’s war with best and brightestEdward Luce, FT. Foreign policy/national security establishment not notable for its humility.
Silver Flushes Secret Sauce Down Toilet, Now Projects Trump has 69% Chance MishTalk (E. Mayer). Mayer: “If only there had been a leveraged ‘short Nate Silver’ ETF, NC reader craazyman might well have finally gotten his fabled ten-bagger.”

UKDemocratic Dashboard is a project established by the Democratic Audit, based in the London School of Economics. Our aim is to promote engagement in the electoral process by making an array of information on elections and constituencies more accessible than previously. The UK has the lowest rate of electoral participation by young people in the OECD, and we hope to play a part in using the digital environment to spread engagement.”
 What has happened to the economy under a year of Tory government – in six chartsIndependent