Sunday, May 22, 2016

If the Reds are not stopped at Zhongzhou Reef, then Sydney will be next

These classes might be free to Treasury, but they are paid for by exposing children to a foreign government's propaganda machine. 
~ David Shoebridge

Less Is More - Yet Chinese officials ‘create 488m bogus social media posts a year’ Guardian

Get Them Young and Get Them Often: NSW public schools are being paid at least $10,000 a year by a Chinese government body to offer its Chinese language and culture courses, and some  schools make it compulsory to attend.  Despite concerns over the appropriateness of outsourcing public school lesson time to a foreign government body, the state government expanded the program - known as Confucius Classrooms - to a further six schools in late 2015. Behind confucius classrooms the Chinese government agency teaching NSW school students how to be good Chinese communists

How an industry helps Chinese students cheat their way into and through U.S. colleges Reuters. To these admirably pragmatic “students,” credentials really are nothing other than asignalling mechanism…

Last Year the former Governor General of NSW, Marie Bashir,  exposed the arrogance of the Communist apparatchiks' monoculture ...

If the Reds are not stopped at Zhongzhou Reef, then Sydney will be next Naked Capitalism Commentariat

Chinese interests play increasing role in Australian political donations

*Playing Chicken in the South China Sea New York Times. Editorial.
Tolstoy, Turgenev, and Dostoyevsky regarded Alexander Herzen as one of the finest prose writers. Then Lenin praised him, and his reputation never  recovered 

Yesterday at the Melbourne Jewish Writers Festival, I (Lisa -the light on the- Hill)  asked Nir Baram the wrong question about his stunning novel Good People.  I asked him if he meant us to be wary of contemporary commercial entities who are complicit in marketing government messages, but I should have asked him, did he mean for us to be wary of ourselves.
That’s because, in the course of teasing out the reasons why authors should be writing fiction about the Holocaust, Baram shared a shaming statistic.  He said that some people are interested in asking themselves the question, what would Ihave done in that situation.  But the answer is already known: 89% of people collaborated.  Fiction is a useful way of exploring the motivations of characters who represent that overwhelming majority, if we wish to understand why. Good People (89% Not So Good ...)

 The South China Morning Post reports that "Uniformed officers in China bash man on the street for failing to produce his ID."

‘Of course, the article has nary a word on workers. Not a word on what happens once China corners the steel market. You still think China will “dump” steel into the US once they put all US firms out of business? You really think manufacturers using steel will pass along the (bulk of) savings to consumers rather than pocketing (for shareholders)?

A plausible explanation for the crazy house prices in Oz and NZ (but no crash): money laundering from China
The mule wildly exaggerates his income (the familiar part of the story), but then pays down (almost) the whole mortgage early with a big lump sum.
The proceeds of the eventual property sale would be clean funds.
This is low risk business for the banks (LTV aggregated over the loan portfolio is small) but also not very profitable (because of the early repayment). So they’ve noticed.
Rumours that 40% of NZ resi business is basically this wheeze, not sure about Oz but they certainly have some of the same.
*Vancouver Mayor Mulls empty homes tax