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The Pentecostal Prime Minister: Hillsong

The Maker of the Maker of Middle-earth | Christianity Today

Tolkien’s granddaughter Joanna mentions that one of his fundamental values was “his profound belief in God.” Clyde Kilby, in an interview, remembered him as a “devout Catholic,” and his friend and fellow Inkling R. E. Havard wrote of “the depth of feeling” of his religious convictions, noting that these were “apparent … but never paraded."
If the exhibit had portrayed Tolkien’s faith this way, it would have shown a culture hungry for meaning what a fully integrated life looks like. Following Christ isn’t easy, and Tolkien wasn’t a Christian because it was a mere lifestyle choice. It was at the heart of who he was.

A return to unstable roots

It's been 11 years since an elected prime minister served a full term. But is that a new thing?

The rise and rise of Scott Morrison

Even as a parliamentary newcomer, Scott Morrison's driving ambition and work ethic marked him out

The Pentecostal Prime Minister: Inside Scott Morrison's church

The pastor at Scott Morisson's local church says they will play no part in the running of the country or Liberal Party policy.

What kind of prime minister will Scott Morrison be?

Scott Morrison remains an intriguing, and polarising, figure on the Liberal Party frontbench. He's been described as relentlessambitious, andhard-line, although these labels only give us some clues to his personal politics, and ultimately his political agenda.
What then of Morrison's politics?
In part, his conservative politics are informed by his faith — he has been a long-standing member of the Pentecostal church. Generally speaking, Morrison is economically liberal and socially conservative. He was just one of 10 Liberal MPs, alongside Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce, to abstain from the same-sex marriage vote.

How powerful voices in the media waged war on a Prime Minister

  1. Turnbull Downfall - MEdia Watch

How the Liberal Party tore itself apart.
This special Four Corners investigation takes you inside a political catastrophe.
We chart the rise and fall of Malcolm Turnbull and the enemies that stalked him from within.

Top public servant rubbishes claims he cut off phone and email access to Dutton backers

Amid claims the former PM instructed 'brutal and vindictive' attempts to thwart Peter Dutton's leadership push, one public servant has had his say.

How the party members voted in the Liberal leadership contest

It was 45-40. Here's how each federal Liberal Party MP voted today

Analysis: The Liberal Party's civil war isn't over — it's part of a global battle

Inside the disastrous attempt to install Peter Dutton as prime minister

On Friday morning, Peter Dutton personally delivered a petition to Malcolm Turnbull signed by 43 MPs. An hour and a half later, Dutton would fall victim to the clumsiness of his own rebellion.

Liberals missing heart ... and the mark

Tony Abbott's political career may one day provide the perfect subject for tragic plays, operas full of madness, ruthlessness, plotting and true horror.

 Deny everything. Never apologize. 
When someone punches, punch back 10 times harder.
 Attack the messenger. Muddy the water. Accuse others of what you’re accused of. 
Win at all costs. President Trump’s smash-mouth tactics come straight from Roy Cohn, 
Joe McCarthy’s hatchet man.

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