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Meet  Gretel Corrie and Other Potters on 18-8-2018: Meet Even TheDA Trippers

The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure
Observation on the wall Inside one Blue Mountains Potter 

Gretel Corrie

    Meet the maker: Gretel Corrie – Leaf Supply

    We chat to Sydney-based ceramicist, Gretel Corrie about her delightfully functional ceramic creations.

Australian Ceramics Open Studios 2018
Saturday, 18 August to Sunday, 19 August 2018 from 10:00am - 4:00pm
Unearth your local potter!
On the weekend of 18 & 19 August 2018, around 120 potters and ceramic artists around the country will open their studios to the public for the sixth annual Australian Ceramics Open Studios. The event is hosted by The Australian Ceramics Association and shines a spotlight on the diverse practice of Australian artists working today in clay.

Arts Organizations Increasingly Acknowledge First Peoples Before Beginning

Routine at public gatherings in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, the custom of Indigenous land acknowledgment, or acknowledgment of country, has only recently started to gain traction in the United States outside of tribal nations. In New York City the practice is sporadic but growing, occasionally heard at high-profile cultural and educational institutions like the Whitney Museum of American Art and New York University.

Meet the DA Trippers, clued-in crossword fans who tackle the grids others don't attempt


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Can Bystander Video Create A More Just Society? [VIDEO]

Here's the theory: "We live, at the moment, in a country where basic rights are really being violated. ... There's a real need to understand how video can help people prove what happened." (But videographers and photographers need to defend their rights to film and take photos, too.) … Read More

An Arms Race For Truth: The Increasingly Sophisticated Efforts To Scam Journalists

The problem for newsrooms is threefold: how to identify sophisticated manipulations, how to educate audiences without ​inducing apathy and deepening mistrust​, and how to keep the growth of this technology from casting doubt on legitimate and truthful stories.

How An Illustrator Feels When The Movie Studio Forces A Change On Her Book Cover

The Hate U Give book cover illustrator Debra Cartwright on what happened when the studio took over: “So much money was thrown behind the movie, and so much marketing was thrown behind it, and it’s just like, you can tell who Hollywood is pushing to be in the limelight, and everybody knows it has a lot to do with appearance, but it also is still being driven a bit by colorism. Not a bit. It is.”


Our Brains Trick Us, But We’re Learning To Trick Them Back

We have cognitive biases - like weighting something that will happen soon over something that will happen in the future - and they can mess us up. "A solid group of 100 or so biases has been repeatedly shown to exist, and can make a hash of our lives." Is there a way to use our own cognitive biases to mitigate that potential mess? … Read More

Homes That Are So Wrong They’re Right

Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s a name most people are certain to know and probably even have a story about visiting one of his famous designs, like FallingwaterTaliesin, or the Guggenheim Museum in NYC. A true purveyor of Modernism, he is celebrated for his unparalleled ability to synthesize every aspect of design, which has culminated in a profusion of architectural feats that truly are all encompassing works of art. 

How a minister's pet project keeps failures out of the spotlight
Projects that vanish, ministerial over-involvement and a lack of evaluation: there appear to be some major problems with secretive aid initiative at DFAT, a new report argues.

From blame culture to learning culture
How can public organisations strike the right balance between individual culpability and organisational responsibility?


Just Ask a Librarian! – The Atlantic – Microfilm Lasts Half a Millennium by Craig Saper: “Millions of publications—not to mention spy documents—can be read on microfilm machines. But people still see these devices as outmoded and unappealing. An Object Lesson…

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