Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Social Media Are Platforms Not Publications – And Standards Of Discourse Are Starting To Assert Themselves

To researchers who study wealth and power, it's dismaying but not surprising because it tracks so closely with our findings. The effect of power is sadly one of the most reliable laws of human behaviour
Are rich people more likely to lie, cheat, steal?

This intricate, exhaustive diagram depicting the history of alternative music is worth staring at for a while
Utilizing a Bloomberg-Curated Twitter Feed “Social media has fundamentally changed the way new information is disseminated in everyday life. Compared with conventional channels such as TV, newspapers or magazines, social media outlets truly leveled the playing field by giving all content owners equal access to a publishing service that is essentially free, instant and global. In this paper, we explain how clients can make use of a Bloomberg-curated Twitter feed to make smarter investment decisions.” [email reg. req’d]

'I'm in politics because I want to shake up the status quo': The Greens' Mehreen Faruqi heads to Canberra

Australia's first female Muslim senator takes her seat just days after another senator invoked the Nazis in his call for a ban on Muslim immigration.

A Gangster State Craig Murray

14% of Americans have changed their mind about an issue because of something they saw on social media

For most Americans, exposure to different content and ideas on social media has notcaused them to change their opinions. But a small share of the public – 14% – say they have changed their views about a political or social issue in the past year because of something they saw on social media, according to a Pew Research Center survey of U.S. adults conducted May 29-June 11. Although it’s unclear what issues people changed their views about, within the past year a variety of social and political issues – from the #MeToo movement to #BlackLivesMatter and #MAGA – have been discussed on social media. 

 Chinese Cops Now Spying on American Soil Daily Beast 

There’s no question that words can come to life on the page, but for me, there’s nothing as exciting as movies made from books. All those scenes you imagined, those characters’ voices you thought you could hear, they’re suddenly unfolding on-screen in front of you. 2018 has already delivered some great adaptations, but there’s even more to come—from classic Anton Chekhov to CRAZY RICH ASIANS. Here’s a list of must-see movies, so you don’t miss a flick.

11 Books to Read Before They Hit the Silver Screen This Summer

Browser plug-in organizes and contextualizes big news stories for readers

MIT newsroom: “The explosion of digital content has made it hard to navigate news today. This startup’s plug-in will cut down on time and browser tabs, while readers search for information. Acciyo’s name might draw from fiction, but the purpose of the search engine extension is firmly rooted in fact. “When I was first figuring out what we wanted to call it, I went through a list of Harry Potter spells,” said co-founder Anum Hussain, MBA ’18. “Acciyo was very fitting because what we’re doing is summoning information from across the web and making it easier for you, in a similar fashion to how that spell [in the book series, ‘accio’] works, to be able to summon anything you need. We’re just doing that in the context of news.” Acciyo, Hussain said, is a Google Chrome extension that appears to the right of a screen like a bookmark, and presents the user with an “interactive, movable timeline of articles previously published on the subject you’re currently reading.” The plug-in pulls from wire content — the Associated Press and Reuters — and automatically pops open on major U.S. news sites. Hussain said as the company evolves they will explore other news sources to pull from. Because the stories are from the wire, Hussain explained, they tend to be bigger stories that would likely be found on a publication’s front page. For example: the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States. The plug-in would include stories on Kavanaugh’s background, his nomination, as well as earlier stories about other candidates considered for the role…” 

eonard Bernstein, An Immigrant Story

In many ways, the Bernstein family’s experience mirrored that of other Jewish immigrants to the Boston area in the early 20th century. This was the immigrant experience — ups and downs, hopes and disappointments — on steroids.

Social Media Are Platforms Not Publications – And Standards Of Discourse Are Starting To Assert Themselves

Jeff Jarvis: The banning of Infowars from most major platforms is a sign of that process beginning to work. Civilization is winning, at last. Alex Jones went too far and the public, empowered by the same tools of social media he exploited, told the platforms that his behavior is unacceptable in a civilized society. The platforms—like media and like regulators—might prefer to start with a set of rules that can be enforced by government, by social-media managers, or by algorithms. But that’s not how we negotiate our standards.

GRATITUDE: Westminster terror attack suspect Salih Khater is new British citizen. “Salih Khater, 29, is from Sudan but is believed to have come to Britain in 2010 after working for two years in Libya. He came as a refugee and was granted asylum, sources confirmed to The Times. Friends in Birmingham, where he lived before allegedly carrying out Tuesday’s attack using a car outside parliament, claimed that Mr Khater, the son of sorghum farmers, was granted British citizenship in the past few weeks. The Home Office is understood to be checking that process
The best online courses for learning Python PCWorld – These online classes will have you coding in no time at – “If you’re looking to learn coding or want to pick up another programming language, Python is a good choice. One of the terrific things about Python is how closely it resembles the English language, so you’ll often see words like “not,” “in,” and “or” in its scripts. Because of its readability, Python is commonly the first programming language schools teach. It’s a great launchpad for an aspiring coder…”

Recommendation via Joe Hodnicki: Data-Driven Law: Data Analytics and the New Legal Services, edited by Ed Walters “helps legal professionals meet the challenges posed by a data-driven approach to delivering legal services. Its chapters are written by leading experts who cover such topics as:
  • Mining legal data
  • Computational law
  • Uncovering bias through the use of Big Data
  • Quantifying the quality of legal services
  • Data mining and decision-making
  • Contract analytics and contract standards

“It was the one thing that most people commented on; they had to spend a lot of time developing talent,” he said, answering a question from Australian Taxation Office chief operating officer Jacqui Curtis.

Nearlytwo million Australians use a financial planner or adviser – worth $703b
New research from Roy Morgan shows that as of May 2018, 1.96 million Australians 14+ (9.7%) have used a financial planner/adviser to purchase superannuation or managed funds. This group of almost 2 million Australians accounts for $703b in total wealth management products (of over 27% of the wealth management market) and have an average value of nearly $360k.

Trump eyes Erik Prince plan to privatise US war in Afghanistan
"'I know he's frustrated,' Blackwater founder Prince said of the president. 'He gave the Pentagon what they wanted. And they haven't delivered'." (NBC)

MoJ seizes control of Birmingham prison from G4S
"Government steps in after report reveals shocking levels of drink, drugs and violence." (The Guardian)