Friday, August 24, 2018

Saturn's Children

A timelapse of the Rolling Stones aging alongside their music, from 1962 to today. (via Laughing Squid)

The boulder rolls up, slowly, but surely. Up and up it goes, held back from its fall by the sprained twisted figure underpinning it. The summit is reached. A moment of rest. The boulder rolls back down and the journey begins again. Children of Saturn is inspired by The Myth of Sisyphus and Goya’s Black paintings. Created by VCA Theatre and Production students and directed by John Bolton, this new work combines strong physical imagery, text and sound.


    THE CHILDREN OF SATURN IN CHAUCER'S MONK'S TALE. ANNA CZARNOWUS. University of Silesia.ABSTRACT. In the article it is suggested that there might exist a relationship between Chaucer's Knight's Tale. 

Children of The Velvet Revolution & Saturn


Children of Saturn

Studio 4
Performing Arts Building
Dodds Street

imrich cold river from
Cold River: a survivor's story is about man's desire for freedom during a  ...

Too Much Edinburgh Fringe?

For more than a decade I’ve heard people say the fringe can’t get any bigger and one day it will go pop. So far, I haven’t heard any big bangs, but maybe the air is beginning to slowly escape from the balloon.

Love, loss and architecture: The rise of Rachel Neeson

In 2011, Rachel Neeson lost her husband Nick Murcutt. She came close to losing their architectural practice too – but instead began doing her best work yet.