Thursday, August 30, 2018

70 Books (and Other Resources) for Internal Change Agents

May you dream of mossy trees and barn owls ...

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us, only sky
Imagine all the people living for today
Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too
Imagine all the people living life in peace
~John Lennon

How to review a book

A list of more than 100 nonfiction articles from 2017 "that will stand the test of time". That's your end-of-the-summer beach reading sorted then.

 Michele Gelfand rocks ... .  She is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Maryland and has a new book coming out: Rule Makers, Rule Breakers: How Tight and Loose Cultures Wire Out World.  Here is part of the Amazon summary:

Why are clocks in Germany so accurate while those in Brazil are frequently wrong? Why do New Zealand’s women have the highest number of sexual partners? Why are “Red” and “Blue” States really so divided? Why was the Daimler-Chrysler merger ill-fated from the start? Why is the driver of a Jaguar more likely to run a red light than the driver of a plumber’s van? Why does one spouse prize running a “tight ship” while the other refuses to “sweat the small stuff?”
In search of a common answer, Gelfand has spent two decades conducting research in more than fifty countries. Across all age groups, family variations, social classes, businesses, states and nationalities, she’s identified a primal pattern that can trigger cooperation or conflict. Her fascinating conclusion: behavior is highly influenced by the perception of threat.

“If you don’t have genuine faith that you can evolve a better company by listening to what your customers, prospects, investors, vendors, and partners have to say, then a blogging effort will not provide you with its full value. If you don’t want to listen – REALLY listen – then blogs will be thorny for you and your culture. If you can’t be candid about your company’s dirty laundry, then blogging probably isn’t for you. If you insist your company doesn’t have dirty laundry, then your company may be too boring to write about. Every company has its share of problems. If you aren’t willing to discuss them with some degree of openness, then you’ll be missing a huge amount of power that the blog could bring to your company. People are hungry for companies that have conversations with them – warts and all. They tend to distrust companies that try to say ‘everything’s perfect here.'” (Naked Conversations, Page 146)

I Run From You: German Train Station To Play Schoenberg To Drive Out Drug Dealers


70 Books (and Other Resources) for Internal Change Agents

Via John Cutler – “Multiple hat-wearer. Product development nut. I love wrangling complex problems and answering the why with qual/quant data. @johncutlefish on Twitter.”

“What books / research / models / frameworks might you recommend for change agents with low/no positional authority hoping to coax their orgs in a new direction?” See – 70 Books (and Other Resources) for Internal Change Agents

Sex, Helen of Troy and women in history and sex ...
Helen of Troy has been established as a primal whore, a deceiver – in a long line of sexually powerful women whose purpose is credited as being to bring down men, whose sex life is viewed as betrayal in pursuit of furtherment, perpetuating the ancient notion that female lust pollutes male intellect. To use the words of Jeffrey Toobin: ‘As is demonstrated by the history of scandal from Helen of Troy to Monica of Beverly Hills, sex has a way of befogging the higher intellectual faculties.’

Driving a modernised bureaucracy: Turnbull's lasting legacy
TOM BURTON: Remaking the public sector to be relevant in the digital world remains a work in progress and major challenge for the government, no matter who their leader.
Full List: Morrison government's first ministry

Good charity remains hard work despite government review
VICTORIA DRAUDINS: Despite good intentions, charities and governments have not always had the best working relationships.

Labor's plan to slash NSW bureaucracy
ALP PLAN: Travel, advertising, legal and consultants would all be reduced under Labor's plan to cut bureaucracy costs if it wins government in March next year.

Top government vacancies closing soon
JOB WATCH: There’s opportunities for lawyers, leaders, tax and capital works experts, and more.

Money really does lead to a more satisfying life
"New research is certain to feed a long-running debate about the role that personal finances play in shaping subjective well-being." (SMH)

How to give feedback that actually works
"Feedback helps us see our inevitable blind spots, and optimise our performance. Here's how to master the art of giving feedback." (Quartz at Work)

City Hall as a homeless shelter
"Long-term fixes to homelessness are proving elusive for Seattle." (CityLab)