Thursday, August 02, 2018

All Eyes on Paul MANAFORTl : Robbing Paul to Pay Peter

The game of good robber, bad robber routines in the press ... routine, also called joint play acting  or friend and foe, is a psychological tactic used in latitudional walks and negotiations

Trump Pushes for Interview With Mueller Against Lawyers’ Advice NYT. Never talk to the police.

Thieves steal Swedish crown jewels, flee in motor boat, chase ensues

Paul John Manafort Jr. is an American lobbyist, political consultant, and lawyer. He joined Donald Trump's presidential campaign team in March 2016, and was campaign chairman from June to August 2016. Wikipedia

Prosecution in Paul Manafort Trial Seeks to Detail Tax Avoidance

Paul Manafort  - Ostrich-Coated Tax Cheat Daily Beast