Monday, August 13, 2018

Civic Hotel: Über Fraud

Some Uber passengers have been discovering hard-to-fight charges on their accounts for events they say never happened, including rides to nowhere and spills of "significant quantities of body fluids."
The Miami Herald reported this week that an influx of Uber riders in Florida have reported erroneous charges to their accounts for a practice that's being called "vomit fraud," among other issues  
Vomit fraud in Uber

Story behind James and Tigan ...
Crying wolf: Combatting cybersecurity alert fatigue - SC Magazine

The housing downturn we had to have

How a cop mobsters and mormons fixed Mcdonalds monopoly

Crazy Rich Asians’ Author Turned Down Buckets Of Money – Twice – To Get The Movie Version He Wanted Made

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via White House Historical Association 

Where Can You Get Rich Fastest 

DHS, ATO move Govpass hosting in-house
"Vault Systems loses govt digital identity gig." (iTnews)

Adrian Flood on encouraging risk-taking
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BEYONCÉ: As her issue of Vogue was released, the pop star says in an interview that “we will all lose” if America does not embrace diversity and social change. “If people in powerful positions continue to hire and cast only people who look like them, sound like them, come from the same neighborhoods they grew up in, they will never have a greater understanding of experiences different from their own.”

Australia's top 4 on global stage of digital government influencers
E-GOVERNMENT: Two politicians and two government officials from Down Under have been recognised as top influencers in world leaderboard.

Overcoming distrust of government and rethinking public value
KEN SMITH: What are the key skills public servants will need for the future?

Deborah Anton named as interim National Data Commissioner
APPOINTMENT: The Office of the National Data Commissioner is up and running with Anton moving into the key role after three years at IP Australia.

Premier concerned by 'unintended consequences' of draft PS code
UPDATED: Tasmania is the latest jurisdiction to update public service social media guidelines leaving no room for personal political speech.

Lloyd could have avoided code-of-conduct breach
INVESTIGATION FALLOUT: Newly-retired APS chief breached code of conduct, but could have taken actions to avoid this risk, says Merit Protection Commissioner.

Opposition promises to remove APS staffing cap
APS CAP: If the Turnbull government is turfed out of office at the next election, its arbitrary cap on Australian Public Service staffing levels will go with it.