Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Podcasts More Popular than Blogs: Voice v Writing

Podcasts More Popular than Blogs
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Likewise, the media – supposed watchdogs on power – are seen by the dissenters as the chief propagandists for the ruling elite. The media do not monitor the abuse of power, they actively create a social consensus for the continuation of the abuse – and if that fails, they seek to deflect attention from, or veil, the abuse.
This is inevitable, the dissenters argue, given that the media are embedded within the very same corporate structures that dominate our societies. They are, in fact, the corporations’ public relations arm. They allow only limited dissent at the margins of the media, and only as a way to create the impression of an illusory pluralism.
The trust deficit tearing apart our societies Jonathan (not Captain James) Cook Blog

*Podcasters highlighted these stories today:

Jeremy Corbyn is to propose a tax on big technology firms such as Facebook, Google and Netflix, to subsidise the BBC licence fee as part of a sweeping range of measures to reform the British media industry.
The Labour leader will warn that a “few tech giants and unaccountable billionaires will control huge swathes of our public space and debate” and that intervention is now required.

Evolution might favor ‘survival of the laziest’ Science Daily. There’s good news tonight!

White-Collar Criminals Got Off Scot-Free After the 2008 Financial Crisis — and That Helped Fuel President Trump’s Rise

CalPERS CEO Marcie Frost’s Misrepresentations Regarding Her Education and Work History During and After Her Hiring

Another apparent case of employment fraud at CalPERS, this time with CEO Marcie Frost as the perp.

Ten years later, Trump’s rise to power is a consequence of poor governance.

Why Marcie Frost’s Shoddy Resume Alone Was Reason Not to Hire Her at CalPERS

Did any member of the CalPERS Board actually read the words in Frost’s resume?

A Private Investigator on Living in a Surveillance Culture

An insider’s take on surveillance.

A ‘Maverick,’ Revisited Rolling Stone. More McCain, from 2008.
The Man Who Never Was Vanity Fair. McCain, from 2010.