Saturday, August 04, 2018

Dust of My Heels

All poems require 4 (four) temperaments” -  I dig and dig for no more roots to dig - story, structure, music, and imagination ... Exiles succeed in making themselves the monarchs morphed from suffering.

Everyone knows it’s good luck 
if inconvenient  
when a bird shits on you
Worshiping Fermentation

Music has the ability to evoke powerful emotional responses — both chills and thrills — in listeners. And this capacity is universal. Why are we moved by music? How does music evoke emotion and pleasure? The following describe key features of music that explain our emotional responses to music (Thompson, 2015).

Listening to music that was played a lot during a significant life event (e.g., a family celebration) many years ago can trigger a deeply nostalgic emotional experience. The feeling is not in the music, but in what it reminds us of. The power of music to evoke reminiscing is shown in the movie Casablanca, where Rick forbids his bar pianist Sam ever to play “As Time Goes By,” because of the unbearable feelings of sadness and loss recalled by the song.

White walls and bright hardwood floors complement a vintage grand piano or electronic keyboard.

What makes music so emotionally powerful is the creation of expectation. Research shows that anticipation is a key element in activating the reward system and provoking musical pleasure. Unexpected changes in musical features intensity and tempo is one of the primary means by which music provokes a strong emotional response in listeners (Salimpoor et al, 2015). With enough exposure, the difference between expected and actual events decreases such that listeners begin to anticipate these events. And music becomes less pleasing.

Dance Craze: People Are Dancing Alongside Moving Cars. Surprise! They’re Getting Hurt

A recent internet trend is inspiring drivers all over the world to jump out of moving vehicles and dance in the street while a friend in the passenger seat films, and now transpiration officials and law enforcement are starting to speak out against the dangerous fad. …

In the spirit of daily dose of dust Dicman's work is timeless in its investigations of the human spirit, the devastation we can wreak on each other and the environment ...

If you want to see the passionate and wild associative  imagination in process, you could do no better than this collection, All American Poem by Matthew Dickman. Dickman is a story teller, a comedian, a riffer, and a broken hearted gorilla of a poet. His poems tend to be long-lined, some would say garrulous, and much of his subject matter is drawn from the wounds of family and youthful heartbreak — in that sense, they are highly relatable to young readers.  What distinguishes them is his huge imagistic talent, his very conversational tones, and the skill of his long unfolding sentences and monologues.  Also, although  his heart is funny-melancholy– Dickman does does not “victimize” his stories–this is in no way melodamatic pathos- poetry. His  heart feltnesss is always on the surface and real, but he is never self-important or pretentious

Brainy’ Books Are All The Rage In Nonfiction Suddenly, And Here’s Why

Basically, blame our 'interesting' times: "We’re living in a world that suddenly seems less certain than it did even two years ago, and the natural reaction is for people to try and find out as much about it as possible. ... People have a hunger both for information and facts, and for nuanced exploration of issues, of a sort that books are in a prime position to provide." …

Climate Change: We’re Not Literally Doomed, butt (sik)… Scientific American

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