Saturday, September 11, 2004

Truth or scare It's election time so it's on for young and more mature. Sydney Evening Herald, Nick Galvin, provides a political rainbow of websites he also delves into the dirt and decency

Pre-Election Economic and Fiscal Outlook. Human with the magic cislo (number) 55 consider yourselves lucky. You are reliable workers. You tend not to go out partying and clubbing till 2am Treasury upgrade fuels election war chest, Horse trading, More rebates and Offsets

Jakarta bombing story is unravelling and it breaks my heart. This little girl will have a deep effect on the election campaign. Well, she already has ... For four years, David Norman fought immigration authorities to enable his daughter and her Indonesian mother to live in Australia... Caught in the blast as they stood in a queue at the embassy's main gate, 27-year-old Maria Eva Kumalawati was among the nine people killed, while her daughter Elisabeth was shockingly injured

Mark Morford: Who The Hell Is Undecided? And Why do so Many Election Polls leave you Angry and Stupefied and Drunk?
Polls are the genital warts of election year. They are the swarming gnats in your Jell-O salad, the dead escalator in your shopping mall, the sour milk in your coffee.
These polls are designed solely to mangle your head and confound your synapses and elate you and titillate you and then plunge you into instant despair and then yank you back out at the last second like some sort of "Fear Factor" death-plunge moronism.

Eye on Politics & Law Lords: Election campaign and party financing in Canada
Anthony M. Sayers and Lisa Young take a comparative look at political party funding in Canada and Australia. Among other things, they find that the lack of restrictions on contributions to Australian parties means that the large parties in particular do much better than their Canadian counterparts and limits the impact of public funding.
• [Democratic Audit of Australia, Australian National University (PDF file) ] Web of Influence: Political Party Funding in Canada and Australia; [He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat - Napoleon: Woo the Swing Voters, Screw the Base: Lose the Election?]
• · Security law on the books Freedom of speech is central to our democracy. The Howard government has sought too much legal control over what people say
• · · Bill Moyers and his colleagues say it was not the system that failed on 9/11. It was our leaders who failed America Circle Of Accountability
• · · · Alan Ramsey Independent spirits have the right attitude; Bad Spirit: Staff depart as old row returns to haunt Turnbull
• · · · · Paul Rogat Loeb Shut Up and Color: The Politics of Bullying ; History lover, Bob Carr admits to ICAC of acting 'inappropriately’; The Nerve of Carr
• · · · · · Judd Legum and David Sirota gather the evidence of the administration's manipulation of fear Vote For Bush Or Die ... Cheney's bald remarks this week were just the latest in a long pattern of deception; The Brave Posturing of Armchair Warriors ... Terror Is No Answer for Chechen Terror by Bernard-Henri Lévy ; There is no war against terrorism. There can be no such thing against an enemy that remains dormant most of the time and is almost never visible It's simply another of life's inevitable troubles, and all we can do as we continue to combat it is repeat Cervantes's famous phrase "Paciencia y barajar": "Have patience, and keep shuffling the cards”