Wednesday, September 01, 2004

First day of Spring and Sydney catches mainstream federal election fever via sidelines.
It is springkling in the city of stones tonight and the dams are not aware of any sweeter sounds!
Speaking of sweet sounds, hey you Googlers of this virtual world, how about a BLOGGER’s day ... on the 1 September and each Spring ever after???

All of us humans are really Adolf Hitlers at heart, power and greed is a human sickness that pervades everyone to a certain degree. But the first step is realizing the problem, just as recognizing drinking salt water causes more thirst. We need a blog day to remind ourselves how blog can mellow and quench the thirst ...

Tracking Election ... Trends Great & Small: Election campaign springs and intensifies as Parliament dissolves
LABOR and the Coalition remain neck and neck in the marginal seats that will decide the Machinery of Government (pdf version)
It is spring, time for a new face. Are reports of the death of the minor parties have been greatly exaggerated??? Senator Brown hit back yesterday, saying he was unsurprised by the attacks from a government determined to discredit him and his party.
A massive blow-out in the trade deficit, also revealed yesterday, pointed to a pre-Christmas interest rate increase no matter who wins the October 9 election ...

38 days to go and rates scare campaign hits home ; Howard and Latham welcome back Olympic team ;
[Blindsided by a statutory declaration Galty of Politics Grudges, Galt and ]
• · Carr at odds with Latham over Orange Grove Election Grove ; [ Tripodi denies dobbing in Carr over Orange Grove]
• · · Corporate Bucks Buy Political Bashes
• · · · Election Diary Revisited Taxing Pokies I ; [Taxing Pokies II ]
• · · · · Moral Authority... Bublan was kicked out of the priesthood in 1978 for signing Charter 77, a human rights manifesto criticizing the communist regime: Former priest Frantisek Bublan is one of few Cabinet members untainted by past scandals ; [Stop turning a blind eye to Prime Minister Stanislav Gross' comrades ]
• · · · · · General Horton Prime Minister Stanislav Gross had exercised terrible judgement by elevating the chief of a police unit that kept 1989 anticommunist protestors in line to such a prestigious post