Monday, September 20, 2004

Aristotle said Irony better befits a gentleman than buffoonery ; the ironical man jokes to amuse himself, the buffoon to amuse other people...
Tell me, MEdia Dragon, when did you begin to have these thoughts that people are laughing at you whenever you blog???!!!
While we (royal we) blog in the nude, as you do, as you do, we are disappointed and rather surprised to learn, via the Beautiful Atrocities, that most other unbohemian bloggers sit in their actual living room and in fact wear two piece pajamas as they write (Is this some kind of unbearable darkness of blogging? smile)

The Blog, The Press, The Media: Blogging Off Daily Can Make You Blind
People should have a complete media diet, Wonkette editor Ana Marie Cox tells Paula Zahn. Things like CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times, that's your roughage. That's your green vegetables. That's, like, what's good for you. And then there's what I do, which is like dessert. It's not always good for you. It's not very filling, but it's tasty. It's fun. It's, you know, empty calories.
Nude Media Dragon chats with Seymour Hersh, Howard Finberg, Glenn Reynolds and others [I never thought I'd be one of these jerks who looked at Amazon, says columnist and Bushworld author Maureen Dowd Dowd takes 'Liberties' with a dose of irreverence]
• · Shrillness of political debate concerns NYT chief Sulzberger As some news organizations "enjoy their positions as actors in the theater of the absurd, people either become disengaged or they vent their frustrations themselves
• · · Tim Porter: Arrogance, Mafia and Journalism In Nazi Germany (before the concentration camps became death camps) “undesirables” were “placed in protective custody” or “resettled”. In Australia “illegals” are held in “Immigration Reception and Processing Centres” behind “energised fences”, receiving regular “security checks” and occasional “extractions”. Their “inappropriate behaviours” are not allowed to “manipulate public policy”.
• · · · Thanks to a furious row that broke out over claims in a new book by BBC broadcaster James Naughtie that US Secretary of State Colin Powell described neo-conservatives in the Bush administration as '****** crazies' during the build-up to war in Iraq bohemian poem gets Google crazy; Crazish Entrepreneural People Finder
• · · · · Michael Kinsley: Journos shouldn't have to be political, ideological eunuchs It's a fiction to suppose that reporters don't have political views, and it would be healthier and more honest if they simply said what they were
• · · · · · Spyware and Adware Present Challenges and E-Commerce Opportunities Barbarians at the Digital Gate