Tuesday, September 14, 2004

As the US election approaches, what is the role for blogs? The first thing to do is to listen - this is a new chance to hear what people are really saying and thinking…in Denny's! It is strange that a pundit can suggest that the cutting edge of the exchange of ideas is occurring in a fast-food joint. Today's cultural establishment often promotes a watering down of ideas in the name of 'the people'. But the dumbing down of our discourse and culture by officials is a consequence of their own uncertainty about their ideas and mission. Jarvis sealed his point by announcing that he gave up his seat as a journalist at the convention so that an 'ordinary person' could be accredited

The Blog, The Press, The Media: Blogosphere Never Sleeps
Gary Price is a Web hero. He's a mild-mannered librarian who helps tame the Internet for the rest of us. In a 2003 column, I praised his ResourceShelf.com as "the best way I know of to keep abreast of useful of useful new online resources.
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• · But aside from orders that contravene the laws of war, the Geneva Conventions or the US constitution, I don't think an officer or an enlisted man is allowed to disobey an order just because he comes up with some logic by which he decides the order doesn't really make sense. An order is an order, right? Blogs v. 60 Minutes (Forgery?) [Atrios; Wind Rider; Susanna Cornett; Jan Haugland;
Glenn Reynolds
• · · The Serious News Blogger: now real reporters are writing blogs and providing original reporting. A great example is Campaign Extra, by Philadelphia Daily News senior writer Will Bunch
• · · · Do politicians and the media have a closer—and more corrupt—relationship than they used to? Politicians and the media: nothing new?
• · · · · (LA Times Registration Required) No Disputing It: Blogs Are Major Players ; [Bloggers hoping to become fabulously wealthy may have a long wait]
• · · · · · Nothing short of revolutionary On how Wikipedia will make universities obsolete