Saturday, September 18, 2004

Decided Deal or not Decided Deal ... Deeeeaaaal!
Ach, the Undecideds as well as Decided Ladies and Gentlemen, The Australian Electoral Commission proudly presents Candidates and Parties by state
While the ABC provides an alphabetical list of candidates
[Please note details for the Division of Gellibrand are not available at present due to an injunction in the Federal court]
The Greens are expected to win somewhere close to 6-7 per cent, but to fall short of victory because Labor and the Liberals/Nationals will not allocate them preferences. The Democrats' vote will plummet - so even if they do receive the preferences of the major parties they may not be able to hold John Cherry's seat This means Hanson, (One Nation Senator Len) Harris and the Nationals' Barnaby Joyce will be vying for the final position; Czech out the colourful politics of the most joked about town: Gympie (Ouch, Bundaberg is the joking leader)

Eye on Politics & Law Lords: An Exegesis of the Media Dragon
behold, a great red dragon.
Revelation 12:3

The media dragon is not the problem.
The dragon appeared over our City one day, like a medieval apparition. The photos and newsreels of the dragon’s initial devastation have been widely disseminated: two entire boroughs in ruins, balls of napalm flaming down, a jagged skyline of charred teeth, ashy outlines of human remains. What the photos cannot convey is the visceral terror, the sense of irrevocable rupture, a miasma of charred flesh like a greasy fog.
We believe the authorities have manipulated fear of the dragon into a climate of hysteria. The threat has been wildly exaggerated. In point of fact, it is still possible to stroll unmolested in many neighborhoods, free of the odor of cinders and without fear of imminent incineration. That the dragon has been relatively quiescent of late is evidence the authorities have vastly overstated the danger...
All of the authorities’ statements about the dragon are suspect. They say the dragon is evil, but we prefer to interpret the dragon through the reigning dialectic, which is more subtle and takes a long time. The dragon does not share our values, and is simply doing what dragons do.

True, it is given to overwrought statements of its intent to lay waste the entire City, to cauterize our souls and winnow the money-lenders and initiate a millennium of fire; the dragon suffers from an acute lack of irony [A bottom-pinching Dragoness]
• · Bible-based Ballot Family First: Launched in South Australia two years ago, they already have an upper house member in that state; [Devout Catholic writer, Mike Steketee: Fretful candidates feeling a bit Green
• · · You toss true believers enough red meat, they start acting like predators How vulnerable are we to electoral rorting?
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• · · · · Vladimir Putin, the aspiring dictator of Russia, has forced President Bush to reveal how committed he really is to the cause of democracy around the world KGB agent at heart, Vladimir (Iljich) Putin is cynically using the horrific terrorist attack in Beslan as his excuse
• · · · · · Iraq war allies rebuff UN chief Key states who joined the US-led invasion of Iraq have rejected claims by the United Nations secretary general that the war was illegal