Saturday, September 04, 2004

David Tiley provides a link to the sad ducha of Russia The Chechen school hostage horror . Putin's iron fist has failed. The former KGB star’s policy towards Chechnya is in tatters The siege of Middle School 1 in Beslan shows how for some unknown reason kommunist fleas get away with putting on new coats

Eye on Day 35 of the Election: Also Czeching on Amerikan Electoral Kleptomania
Jeff Bezos advises that the following book for political junkies is Coming to Amazon Soon:
LA correspondent of London's Independent Andrew Gumbel's STEAL THIS VOTE!, an entertaining history of American electoral fraud, and the larger than life figures who have been involved, from Tammany Hall, through Chicago in 1960 to Election 2000 and beyond...
Immanuel Wallerstein on supposing the United States is neither feared nor loved
From Time, Charles Krauthammer on the case for Bush, and Michael Kinsley on the case against him.

• Only in an election year ruled by fiction could a sissy who used Daddy's connections to escape Vietnam turn an actual war hero into a girlie-man. Frank Rich: A dog fight for the presidency [Daily Flute Shows how Misleaders Accumulate Persian Carpet Tapestry ]
• · Make your member work.......don't re-elect him! Never let it be said that i'm not man enough to admit my mistakes
• · · John Quiggin and election blogs which caught his eye Information Architecture ; InstaPolling Expert, without permanent links, is feeling rather pleased with his prediction of two days ago in relation to trends among the Canetoads
• · · · Once the most powerful creature in the lush Czechoslovak landscape, the grizzly bear now prowls only in our political imaginations: Ken Parish sheds some light on significant leaks and the land of Queens and Marginals: Poor polls and tax policy leaks
• · · · · See Also Mysterious signals from 1000 electoral light years away
• · · · · · · Light Story from the Land Down Under portraying politicians in subliminal sexual positions Six is the magic NZ number (Whatever, Number floats you, I s'pose)