Thursday, September 30, 2004

Know ye not why We created you all from the same dust? That no one should exalt himself over the other ...
As Baha'u'llah knows, this MEdia Dragon is nothing more than a blog dedicated to the daily bulldust and to spread it in the name of noteworthy news and trendy links. Just like the example by Antony Loewenstein of Counterspin Fame who timely links today to the Age article about Virtual Dust.
I don't consider myself very left-wing at all,says Christopher Shiel. But if you write anything half normal online, you'll be immediately tagged left-wing. The web's swarming with extreme right-wingers waiting to kick the shit out of you.

Eye on Politics & Leadership: Back to the Future, 1997 AD, ... Nick Greiner: Dry and Warm
A number of role models have inspired me from the wet, cold, right, left and center political spectrum. During the hung NSW Parliament of 1991-1995, John Hatton and Nick Greiner were among the characters who inspired me to look beyond the way political life was, to the way it might be. Even though Nick and John did not always see eye to eye, I know that they respected one other as politicians who were aware of their own weaknesses and strengths. I was fortunate 7 years and 7 months ago to touch basis with both of them.

The following extract is from a conversation with an Antipodean leader whose roots are Slavically Bohemian, Nick Greiner. I asked him about his leadership style and what made him tick:
Well, my leadership style was in many ways what the academics call heroic. It was based on intellectual and personal strength. It was not what is now so fashionable: leading from behind and talking to everyone. It really was leading from the front. In many ways I think that to achieve significant systemic change in the public sector in particular, it is almost the only leadership style that works. This is so if you consider leaders who have produced what you might call radical change. The only way to do that is by heroic leadership. Without not intending the word heroic to sound grandiose, I think that this is what leading from the front means.
JI: Is the opposite of heroic sometimes viewed as suicidal?
NG. No. I do not know about the opposite, but some might say it is the same, or perhaps some might say the other side of the same coin. There are other people, for example Mr Howard at the moment, Mr Carr and Mr Fahey, when he was here, who have more of a consultative style, a team style, a ‘do not run ahead of public opinion style’ than I had.
All of that is politically much more successful. However, it is also much less successful at achieving results.

The constituency for change that is you and me and everybody else who wants a car, it is not on our radar screen. It is not an issue for us. And that is the problem repeated many times [she’ll be right on the night’ Nick Greiner ]
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