Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I feel ashamed of myself, it took me over a week to find out why the ABC, the Australian National Broadcaster, did not cover the election announcement live on Sunday last week
Managing director Russell Balding has announced the new leaner executive would be better able to focus on the creation and support of programs in a cost-effective way. The executive has been cut in size from 12 to magnificent seven. The remaining seven are Mr Balding, John Cameron (the head of news and current affairs), Sandra Levy (head of television), Sue Howard (radio), Lindley Marshall (new media), Geoff Crawford (corporate affairs) and David Pendleton, who has been promoted to chief operating officer.
Several ABC staff are reportedly furious that the national broadcaster failed to cross live to John Howard’s election announcement on Sunday. And one senior journalist has described the decision as an “absolute disgrace”, according to The Australian
Director of television Sandra Levy has defended the network, saying there was no request from the newsroom to break normal transmission. I'm not a journalist ... I wasn't even aware an election was being called," she has said.