Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Labor has unveiled its $11.2 billion tax policy. The package will `ease the squeeze` on families, according to Labor Leader Mark Latham, and includes an overhaul of family payments, a form of income splitting to reduce the overall tax paid by working families, higher cigarette taxes and an $8 a week tax cut for low income earners. The package has prompted a wide range of reaction from all quarters...
Tinkering with a clapped-out tax system
Australian Financial Review, 07/09/2004, Peter Ruehl
An opinion piece in which Peter Ruehl says that so many claims have been made in the Federal election campaign thus far, that `the whole thing is starting to sound like a coke-out Sydney real-estate auction`.
Latham reverts to crazy...
Age, 08/09/2004, Ms Grattan says Mark Latham has resorted to `crazy brave` to sell the package.
Latham wheels his ladder out:..
Age, 08/09/2004, Front Pager, Michael Gordon says Mr Latham has delivered on his promise to bring tax relief but has `failed his first big test as a salesman.`
Czech Out the comprehensive responses at Poll Vault....

The question now is whether the Government will gazump Labor on tax as it did on Medicare

Eye on 31 Days Ahead: Who's Going to Win on Oct 9?
Sleepless in Sydney, Antony is doing all the hard labour for us all. He invades just about every corner of the electoral world Down Under; Up Over. It is rare that a Mexican gives a generous plug to opinions online or otherwise to northerners. To boot, Graham Young, a brillioant man, especially after a glass of wine. (smile)
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