Sunday, September 05, 2004

In the interests of impartiality, it is good to hear from all sides of political spectrum. This is what some right wing blogs, as classified by * Ken Parish, have got to say. (I wonder how you sounded when you screamed after being exposed to these men of corrugated (sic) iron?)
Andjam; ; Group blog with a libertarian emphasis (as the title suggests) Several excellent contributors and one or two complete idiots; Yet another right wing blog dealing with exactly the same subjects and saying exactly the same things with exactly the same tone of aggressive, self-righteous certainty as all those other right wing blogs ...; Blair, Tim: Conservative Oz-Amerikan; occasionally wickedly funny; 'Bulletin' magazine op-ed pundit; wannabe Mark Steyn (as if we needed another one); Another mysterious, double-pseudonymous plogger; Some think he's Imre Salusinszky, although the Prof Bunyip denies it; Andrew Bolt labeled it 'an excellent site' by Gnu Hunter; Extremely right wing, predictable subjects - Jericho, Mike; James Morrow is a US-Australian journalist, right-leaning and based in Sydney; Gareth Parker is young, Perth-based, right-leaning but not rabidly so, and an aspiring (cadet?) journalist; Slattery, Bernard is a Geelong-based journo; Tex is a right-leaning, Canberra-based, long-time blogger who posts as much about motor bikes and popular culture as politics.

Eye on 34 Days Ahead: King's Ransom
Immediately before facing the cameras at the Bondi Icebergs, Mr King sat in the gym surrounded by exercise machines and, watching himself in the mirror, phoned John Laws on his mobile phone to break the news to the nation.
Cool as an iceberg, MP freezes out Spy Catcher [ via It is not I who is disloyal: Conservatives have held the seat for 103 years; Mrs Sinclair King, the 45-year-old daughter of former federal National Party leader Ian Sinclair, is said to be Mr King's best asset]
• · The naked elections and branch stacking; [Labor branch-stacker Sam Bargshoon Is blowing the lid on political corruption in south-western Sydney]
• · · Election 2004: panel and swinging voters [Freudian slip I will be out there supporting Peter King ... Peter, er ... Malcolm Turnbull ]
• · · · After the Velvet One Now is Coming Near You the Green Revolution It was a virtual lovefest between the Australian Greens and Democrats this week
• · · · · Gianna on Morning Glory and Marking Sunrise
• · · · · · · Psephite Defines Quickie and and in a process masters to show off or tear down a number of Antipodian political sites