Friday, September 03, 2004

The Libs dumped King for a scholar
In preference for a man with a dollar
Howard's missing the point
We'll vote him out of the joint
And Turnbull dragged out by his collar
Poetically inclined? Then jot down an election-themed limrich and email SMH

Eye on Election & Press Gallery: Peter King v Malcolm Turnbull: David vs Goliath
The likeable man, I used to have an occasional beer with at Iceberg club (a member no. 703), roared:
I am no quitter! Politics shouldn't be about playing the man. I believe it's in the national interest [to run]. Australia is at a crossroads at the moment. The two major political parties are marching in time. They are almost marching in unison. What we need is not reactive politics but pro-active politics.
Our democracy is about competition and it's about fairness and it's about truth and those are the issues I'll be running with at the end of the day.

Marking the grave of our political photo opportunity: From the hills to the beaches, I am 100 per cent Wentworth [ via Counterspin - Fairfax Digital ]
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