Wednesday, September 15, 2004

An Australian logistics team has left for Iraq to assist efforts to secure the release of two Australian hostages

Yet another thoughtful counter spin and marginal sidewalk along the Bloggeauvard of Dementia
Also this request from Anton and Tim who are gathering questions we would like our leaders to answer. We'll get a collection of the best and send them off shortly. Please send me the questions you'd like answered by Latham and Howard. We can surely do better than the assembled media hacks on Sunday night.

Eye on Politics & Law Lords: MANY OPINION POLLS
A closer look at the Newspoll shows the Coalition's primary vote up one point to a very healthy 46 per cent, while the Greens have faded two points from last week's spike to record a more typical 6 per cent.
The following table provides recent results from three sources. On Saturday the Gold Coast Weekend Bulletin produced surveys of the outer Brisbane seat of Rankin, held by Labor front-bencher Craig Emerson, and the New South Wales north coast seat of Richmond, held by National Party minister Larry Anthony. The sample in each case was about 450. Then follows results from all five Tasmanian seats from the EMRS poll in Sunday's Launceston Examiner, which have less impressive samples of around 200. Lastly is a poll of the fairly safe Liberal Adelaide seat of Boothby which appears in today's Adelaide Advertiser.
• William Bowe Strictly polling [Strictly Newscasting: PLAYGIRL Announces Winners of Sexiest Newscaster Election ]
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• · · · · Election Results Competitions [ At that stage, the Coalition were $1.28, with Labor at $3.25, but in recent months, not a lot has gone right for Labor. Add to that the woes of the Carr Govt in New South Wales (Labor), and all of a sudden there is a gap opening up again in the betting ]
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