Wednesday, September 22, 2004

NSW Premier Bob Carr yesterday urged John Howard and Mark Latham to ensure the nation's corporate watchdog used its powers to prosecute executives of James Hardie Industries for conduct found to be misleading by commissioner David Jackson.; Czech out Crikey why James Hardie takes a pounding - again

Invisible Hands & Markets: Let's make a bet about public choice
In the first of these senses, one could certainly argue that public choice was deviant, in that it rejected the accepted Pigovian line of taking government as given and assuming that it could smoothly and efficiently correct all manner of supposed market failures. What public choice analysis showed, in a nutshell, was that market failure had its complement in government failure, and that the cure for market failure could well be worse than the disease.
Faustian bargain [ Don't Trust The Theories of Famous Intellectuals! ]
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• · · · · · Even shoes are named after him in Czech Republic Boty Tomas Bata Turns 90 (The first shoes I ever wore were made by Bata)