Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Selling off family photo albums and silver Data obtained by The Daily Telegraph under Freedom of Information shows 82 individual sales of school and TAFE properties and other assets owned by the Education Department

Tracking Policies & Investigative Stories: Run For Your Life
Quique is one of an estimated nine million people who have embarked on an epic and illicit journey, leaving behind homes and families in Central America for an uncertain future 5000 kilometres away, in a place they call "El Norte".
With just $100 between them, Quique and his three friends will join one of history’s greatest migrations ... the human wave seeking a better life in the United States.
In order to depict this river of humanity, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation follows Quique and his friends with a film crew and light weight cameras ... not to assist them but simply to record these young men running for their lives.
To reach their goal, Quique and his friends must travel "el tren de la muerte" (the train of death), survive murderous gangs and evade corrupt Mexican police. They must then pay unscrupulous people smugglers to enable them to cross the almost impenetrable border into the United States ... a border that many have died attempting to cross.

I accepted so that people can see how much we suffer on the road ... To take this road is not good because many fall. Many die there [Swimming for your life ]
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