Monday, March 13, 2017

Vale Brave Bribane Based Blogger

The 34-year-old Terminally Fabulous has lost her battle with cancer days after thanking her Facebook followers from her hospital bed, for "keeping her alive longer".
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"Last night at 11.50 our gorgeous girl was wrapped in the wings of an angel and joined her friends and family in heaven," she shared with her daughters Facebook followers.
"Lisa's passing was so peaceful, slipping away in her sleep without pain nor fear, just as we'd all prayed for and more importantly just as Lisa had wanted it."
She described the young woman's final moments, how her room was calmly lit with her rock lamp, and music was playing through the day, while family remained by her side and held her hand. Fabulous blogger

Anzac Parade, 100 years on, to be marked by Anzac monuments at both ends

Darwin sailed away in 1836 with 10,000 scribbled words on the Australian wilderness, which helped build his theory on evolution On this day Charles Darwin departs Australia