Friday, March 24, 2017


"What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?"

- Jean-Jacques Rousseau, French philosopher of the Age of Enlightenment

We are our stories, stories that can be both prison and the crowbar to break open the door of that prison Amerikan Midlife ‘Deaths Of Despair’ In The U.S., 2000 and 2014

I’ve managed to see Scorsese’s Silence twice in the last couple of weeks. It literally silenced me. It’s a surpassingly beautiful movie—but its genius lies in the complexity of its understanding of what faith really is. For some secular liberals, faith is some kind of easy, simple abdication of reason—a liberation from reality. For Scorsese, it’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery, and often inseparable from crippling, perpetual doubt. You see this in the main protagonist’s evolution: from a certain, absolutist arrogance to a long sacrifice of pride toward a deeper spiritual truth. Faith is a result, in the end, of living, of seeing your previous certainties crumble and be rebuilt, shakily, on new grounds. God is almost always silent, hidden, and sometimes most painfully so in the face of hideous injustice or suffering. A life of faith is therefore not real unless it is riddled with despair.

 Social Leaders series exploring how real life leaders are using social media to connect with their customers, employees and stakeholders and seeking their advice for aspiring social leaders.

You’ll notice that Sullivan calls Silence “surpassingly beautiful.” “But,” he goes on to say, “its genius lies in the complexity of its understanding,” which culminates in the truth that a real life of faith is “riddled with despair.” That sounds right to me.

London councils seek assurance over Capita's India offshoring plans

Researchers prove the five second rule is real Aston University

Secret Gardens are often asked to design the garden and select plants that will attract wildlife. This week Houzz Australia had an article on how to design your garden so it will encourage and attract wildlife that featured a cute bird box created for our Potts Point courtyard garden

Everybody gets excited by seeing wildlife in their garden. However, there are so many species on the decline now that, if you want to see more animals and insects, it makes sense to try to create a biodiverse habitat close to home. Here are a few tips. Read the full article »

This paper examines how management concepts acquire meaning through discursive distinction and embedding. Drawing on Austrian public sector reform, we reconstruct a classification of vocabularies according to their internal integrative capacity and external connectivity in order to study how distinct bundles of management concepts are embedded in broader meaning structures.

Birds of a Feather - Management Knowledge as Interlocking Vocabularies 


ABA TECHSHOW 2017: 60 tips in 60 minutes – Adam Camras, LegalTalkNetwork; Ivan Hemmans, O’Melveny & Myers LLP; Jack Newton, Clio; Deborah Savadra, Legal Office Guru; Rochelle Washington, DC Bar

 DEMOGRAPHY IS DESTINY: Irish-Americans Still Do Irish-American Jobs.“The great wave of Irish immigration to the U.S. subsided more than a century ago. The days of rampant anti-Irish prejudice are long behind us. Irish-Americans (of whom I am one, or at least 50 percent of one) are now seen as about as American as Americans can get. But Irish-Americans do still have a unique job market profile.”

This suggests that immigrants may change much less over generations than many thought.

Lyft drops $27m on the table to make annoying driver lawsuit go away

Beef up select committees to prevent "disruptive" Whitehall rejigs – IfG

  Information Technology and the U.S. Workforce: Where Are We and Where Do We Go from Here? (2017): “Recent years have yielded significant advances in computing and communication technologies, with profound impacts on society. Technology is transforming the way we work, play, and interact with others. From these technological capabilities, new industries, organizational forms, and business models are emerging. Technological advances can create enormous economic and other benefits, but can also lead to significant changes for workers. 

GDS chief Kevin Cunnington sets out future of Whitehall's tech spend controls


 ‘We are all doing it’: Employees at Canada’s 5 big banks speak out about pressure to dupe customers CBC (Marcello). My nice small bank was bought by TD some years ago…:-(


The CIA’s 60-Year History of Fake News: How the Deep State Corrupted Many American Writers Truthdig. Excellent review of the bidding, despite the clickbait-y headline.
What Russian Hackers Teach About America’s Spies Marcy Wheeler, The Atlantic (DK); see also here. A Yahoo attack, with an actual indictment.


It's more about the bully than the star, as columnist Richard Cohen explains.