Friday, March 03, 2017

Unknowable Unknowns of Tax

Unknown virtual bitcoin v Known Gold Values

"Nigel Farage’s top aide sentenced for wire fraud"
He communicated with undercover agents who pretended to be criminals seeking to launder the proceeds of criminal activity and who proposed to send him between $50,000 and $150,000 of drug money every month. He agreed to launder the money in offshore accounts.
Cottrell met with the agents in person in April 2014 in Las Vegas to discuss a transaction.
"We commend the IRS-CI [Internal Revenue Service  - Criminal Investigation] agents for uncovering Cotrel’s efforts to commit wire fraud." Only an accountant could catch Al Capone

Fintel Alliance goes live. Australia’s financial intelligence agency AUSTRAC has invited the big banks and other regulated financial firms like PayPal and Western Union to house staff within its own Sydney and Melbourne headquarters in the name of collaboration.

Are we going down the birthday cake path Salad daze

Manhire:  Unknowable Unknowns Of Tax Reform — Wicked Systems, Cloud Seeding, And The Border Adjustment Tax

This brief comment explores just one of the "unknowable unknowns" concerning the border-adjustment tax proposal in the House Republican Blueprint.
Acting Senate clerk Richard Pye told the senator that any attempt to interfere with or intimidate a witness would be considered as contempt.
"If people are concerned that adverse consequences will flow from their giving evidence, this may have a chilling effect on sources of information for the committee's inquiry and undermine its work," he said.
"The law of parliamentary privilege protects witnesses against intimidation and against the imposition of penalties connected to their giving evidence."