Friday, March 31, 2017

In 40 Years Huge Changes Had Taken Place At Work

"Leaving becomes hard and wrenching and yes, emotional. That's because I love this (agency). I love this work."
Tom Harkin reminded me of MC's speech  

Czech Cardinal Vlk, former window-washer, clandestine priest, dies

  • The Lord's Prayer contains 56 words.
  • The Gettysburg Address contains 272 words.
  • The Ten Commandments contains 297 words.
  • The USA Declaration of Independence contains 300 words.
  • The average USA TODAY cover story contains 1,200 words.
  • 40 Years Dealing with Certainties of Life 4,000 words

In your 40 years with this company, you have used up two truck loads of paper, sent out 1,600 reports, used up 1,800 pens and pencils, and, of course, told at least 10,000 jokes to lighten up the day for your co-workers. How much money you have made for the organization is in doubt, however...

 “I know two Ferdinand’s. One is a messenger at Prusa’s, the chemist’s, and once by mistake he drank as bottle of hair oil there. And the other is Ferdinand Kokoska who collects dog manure. Neither of them is any loss.”

The Good Soldier Svejk

The Closest image I can find that reflects the of Bondi peppered with Rainbows by Lou