Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Barangaroo Curse

While other, younger, more biddable Eora women politely agreed to put on clothes, Barangaroo refused point blank. All she ever wore was a slim bone through her nose. When the whites invited her to watch a flogging, she became disgusted and furious, and tried to grab the whip out of the flogger's hands. See also Dictionary of (Lord) Sydney

The Barangaroo curse has struck again ...

1 March 2017: Man dies in workplace incident at Barangaroo

A man has been killed while working on a barge near the Barangaroo construction site in central Sydney. The man, in his 30s, was standing on the barge just before 4.25pm when he was crushed by a large piece of steel

Fatality sparks claims Barangaroo is cursed 

Pre Settlement

The highly publicised Barangaroo worksite on Sydney's CBD waterfront has one of the highest rates of injuries, hazards and near misses of any worksite in New South Wales, a freedom of information request has revealed.
Barangaroo worksite: Injuries, hazards and near misses amongst the highest in Sydney NSW Australia  ...