Saturday, March 11, 2017

Revolving Door: Revenge of Losers

300 years ago MEdia Dragons were enjoying books in the Moravia library manned by Casanova ...

Note  Swift in Section IX of A Tale of a Tub (1704): “Last Week I saw a Woman flay’d, and you will hardly believe, how much it altered her Person for the worse.” And here is Waugh in Scoop (1938): “He was gifted with the sly, sharp instinct for self-preservation that passes for wisdom among the rich.” Not an ounce of fat, not a syllable’s worth, in either sentence. Satire is more like a stiletto than a battle axe.  Both Swift and Waugh resist easy quotation. Neither tends toward the aphoristic. Their paragraphs and other larger units are too carefully woven to be pulled apart. What Ford Madox Ford writes of Swift in The March of Literature (1938) applies to both writers:

“The content of his paragraphs is always so pungent, bitter and characteristic that the thought almost invariably hides the consideration of the verbiage from your eyes.”

Most news agencies these days Down Under are operated  by intellectual Who hardly speak English  and most executive roles in the regulatory authorities are also being filled by colourful characters who speak a foreign language that even ethnic themselves cannot understand  ... Post truth and post logic era is enveloping every part of our funny lives on this earth... God is trully the most innovative comedian yet few citizens laugh ... Kafka where the hell are you ;-)

The wall of Chinese money whipping up a frenzy in sections of the metro realestate markets is partly black money. Chinese citizens are only permitted to take $US50,000 out of China. If the Anti-Money Laundering legislation were to be introduced, real estate agents, lawyers and accountants would be required to report the source of the billions which flow out of China into Australia each year Alternative Half Truths on property markets

YOU MAY SAY THEY’RE DREAMERS, BUT THEY’RE NOT THE ONLY ONES: From John Lennon to Charles Murray: We All Want to Change the World. At the American Spectator, Stacy McCain asks, “What can a rock-and-roll life teach us about public policy?”

News from the Profession. In MF Global Trial, PwC Hoping for Jurors Who’ve Been Under a Rock (Caleb Newquist, Going Concern)


Canada vows to curb tax dodgers amid KPMG offshore scandal  

HMRC cracks down on big business FDs  

UK Offshore tax evasion: compliance and penalties - part 1 

Report of the Standing Committee on Finance -THE CANADA REVENUE AGENCY, TAX AVOIDANCE AND TAX EVASION: RECOMMENDED ACTIONS (especially see the role of the Isle of Man and KPMG) 

UK Tax crackdown will hit public sector workers  

Politicians. You elect them. They decide on how you should be taxed, and how that money should be spent. 
But are politicians themselves playing by the rules when it comes to their taxes?
Today, only a handful of countries routinely publish the tax returns of politicians, and last year Donald Trump broke decades of tradition when he refused to publish his tax return ahead of being elected to the presidency.
This week, Finance Uncovered has launched a new project aimed at getting politicians to disclose their tax returns, and you can get in on the act too!
Finance Uncovered emailed 7,000 politicians in 20- countries asking them to reveal their tax returns. The group is actively seeking the participation of journalists in more countries to expand the campaign. To find out more, visit the website Finance Uncovered has set up for the project