Wednesday, March 15, 2017

NSW Crime Commission slams 'flawed' Ombudsman's report

 Institutions seem to be peppered with strange and unkind decision makers ....


Astonishing, the incompetence, the rampant illegality and the damage done to good men and their families....

Greens MP David Shoebridge says a New South Wales Crime Commission report "exonerates" former deputy police commissioner Nick Kaldas from adverse findings made by the state's Ombudsman into police bugging other police.
The Crime Commission yesterday released a scathing report on the Ombudsman's investigation into an internal police phone tapping operation, known as Operation Prospect, saying it lacked procedural fairness and was legally flawed.
The ombudsman's report released in December said Mr Kaldas might face criminal charges for allegedly giving misleading testimony and also made adverse findings against current deputy police commissioner Catherine Burn

NSW Crime Commission report 'exonerates' Kaldas, says Greens MP


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NSW Crime Commission slams 'flawed' Ombudsman's report 


NSW Crime Commission slams ombudsman's report into police 


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