Monday, August 02, 2021

When telling the truth is not permitted …

 When telling the truth is not permitted in the House of Commons it is time to rebuild democracy.

I published this tweet yesterday: This is so ridiculous. Everyone knows Dawn Butler is right. Boris Johnson has lied repeatedly in the Commons but that
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High-profile accountant and property owner, David Brandi, has been sentenced to two years’ jail after being found cheating the tax office out of more than $135,248 and pocketing the funds for himself.

Brandi, who owns several properties from The Block and formerly owned a Brisbane nightclub, was hauled to Melbourne County Court on Friday over tax fraud he committed more than a decade ago.

David Brandi: ATO sends dodgy tax agent to 2 years’ jail for stealing $135k

Striking Alabama coal miners taking protest back to New York


Ban Private Beaches Jacobin


The Uncommon Knowledge of Elinor OstromGrassroots Economic Organizing. On Ostrum, see NC herehere, and here

Teacher Certificate Revocation Based on Fraud in Defraud Conspiracy; Wrong 

There are collateral consequences to being convicted of a tax crime (as well as other crimes).  Some of the collateral consequences for tax crimes are covered in Michael Saltzman and Leslie Book, IRS Practice and Procedure(Thomsen Reuters 2015), ¶ 12.06 Collateral Consequences.  (Note, I am the principal author  of Chapter 12, titled Criminal Penalties and the Investigation Function.)  Some of those are civil consequences.

In Certificate Revocation · "Crime of Moral Turpitude" · 18 U.S.C. §371 (Pennsylvania Law Weekly 7/20/21), the former teacher had his teaching certificate revoked after pleading guilty to a tax defraud conspiracy in 18 USC 371.  I don’t have a link to the article, but a Google search indicates that it is behind the paywall here.

D.C. SDNY Approves John Doe Summons re Offshore Enablers 

In The Matter of the Tax Liabilities of John Does, United States Taxpayers (S.D. N.Y. 7/15/21), CL here, the Court ordered the service of a John Doe Summons upon several prominent financial services businesses related to taxpayers who may have used an offshore law firm, Panama Offshore Legal Services for U.S. tax noncompliance.  I first cut and paste the order (short 2 pages) and then link to another web offering explaining more about it.

What Journalists Can Learn from The Night Stalker |

 Like (Michael West,) Glenn Greenwald or Tucker Carlson, Kolchak has been fired from several places, “all presumably for trying to get the truth past his editors.” Kolchak, who is “hell bent on getting the last laugh and coming back in style,” is “a charismatic grab bag full of contradictions, panache, [and] bad taste.” He doesn’t like authority but has “an all-American love for the goddam capital-T Truth.”

Peter Thiel, Palantir Co-Founders Slam ‘Emperor for Life’ Claims Bloomberg. Thiel’s PR team anxiously fingering their collars…

Minitrue: Focus on Henan Flood Recovery; Do Not Report on Celebrity Tax Case or Covid Origins Press Conference China Digital Times

Vice: “…While a number of firms offer networked surveillance devices to try and make homes “smart,” the coalition uses Amazon as a case study into how dangerous corporate surveillance can become (and the sorts of abuses that can emerge) when in the hands of a dominant and anti-competitive firm. From Amazon’s Ring—which has rolled out networked surveillance doorbells and car cameras that continuously surveil public and private spaces—to AlexaEcho, or Sidewalk, the company has launched numerous products and services to try and convince consumers to generate as much data as possible for the company to eventually capitalize on...”

Axios: “Face-recognition tech is coming to a store near you, if it’s not there already, and that’s sparking a new wave of opposition.

  • Why it matters: The systems can scan or store facial images of both shoppers and workers. Their use accelerated during the pandemic as retailers looked for ways to prevent fraud, track foot traffic with fewer employees, and offer contactless payments at a time when consumers were wary of interacting with others.
  • Driving the news: More than three dozen advocacy groups launched a campaign late last week to pressure retailers to stop using facial recognition technologies, or to pledge not to use them…”