Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Vagabond From Rag to Label

At NP lives a soul as black as an ink 🖋 

Amazon and GoPro file joint lawsuit against Chinese counterfeiters

Goose flying upside down is simply showing off, say experts WGME

Endangered Sumatran tigers recovering from COVID in Jakarta zoo Al Jazeera 

Proportionality in bank regulation and supervision – a joint global survey (PDF) Bank of International Settlements. Proportionality: “[S]upervisory practices should be commensurate with the risk profile and systemic importance of the banks being supervised.”

Pandemic fuels broadest global house price boom in two decades FT

From Rag to Label Vagabond

  1. “In Socrates’s late-night imagination, sex ought to benefit neither church nor common good but philosophy students” — Mary Townsend (St. John’s) on eugenics, Socrates, and the “rationalization of eros”
  2. Suppose there’s only a 1% chance that bugs are sentient — despite that small chance, we ought to support “a moral presumption against harming insects,” argue Jeff Sebo (NYU) & Jason Schukraft (Rethink Priorities)
  3. “All the liars are calling me one” — The Taylor Swift Paradox, as unpacked and analyzed by Theresa Helke (Smith)
  4. “Socrates’s method eschewed the pressure to persuade… His politics of humility involved genuinely opening up the question under dispute” — Agnes Callard (Chicago) appreciates Socrates’ spirit of collaborative inquiry
  5. “They hated it” — Patricia Churchland (UCSD) interviewed about her work on the mind on Ideas Roadshow
  6. Bob Moses, “a soft-spoken pioneer of the civil rights movement who faced relentless intimidation and brutal violence to register Black voters in Mississippi in the 1960s, and who later started a national organization devoted to teaching math as a means to a more equal society,” has died — he majored in philosophy at Hamilton College and was working on his PhD in philosophy at Harvard “when he was forced to leave because of the death of his mother and the hospitalization of his father”
  7. “Banded mongooses, acting from behind a veil of ignorance over kinship, allocate postnatal care in a way that reduces inequality among offspring, in the manner predicted by a Rawlsian model of cooperation” — Rawlsianism in the wild

The Hill of Shame

Not that hillA People’s Architecture, Owen Hatherley on Elain Harwood’s new book Mid-Century Britain, a plaintive, puzzled cry of loss for ‘a new world that was light, optimistic and without angst, a carefree vision of a society devoted to public welfare’ / meanwhile. ‘Pick-up trucks are ridiculous clown cars and 99% of the people who buy them will never have a practical need to own one.’ 

See also American Trucks And SUVs Have Gotten As Big As WWII Tanks / feed me art, someone Asks. The results are worth adding to your lists: The Art Showcase, plenty of contemporary fantasy art; Austin Kleon, an artist and blogger; Olena Shmahalo, an artist; Contemporary Art Curator, a magazine; Lines and Colors, a blog about art; The Near-Sighted MonkeyGurney Journey; the excellent Public Domain ReviewArt Show; speaking of loss: Buried in concrete: how the mafia made a killing from the destruction of Italy’s south

You can wander around the abandoned villas of Sicily at Liotrum. The text is rather romantic and less than informative, but you can draw your own conclusions: Villa Corradina. Here is a Domus article on Pizzo Sella, the ‘hill of shame’, one million square metres ‘anthropised by a combination of mafia, large-scale construction and corrupt politics’ / School with Jomon pottery, an urbex at Wanderlast / the cars of San Francisco, photographs by Christopher Last / Happy birthday to us. Does anyone still use tumblr?

The diamond-water paradox in economics. We need water to live so it's more valuable but diamonds are more expensive. Why is that?

Flying toasters in CSS.

Mark Rober built a robot that can set up dominos really quickly.

Since the January 6th attack on Congress, four police officers who responded to the insurrection at the Capitol have died by suicide.

paint everything everywhere! This is a super-fun little game.