Thursday, August 12, 2021

Teaching Empathy Through Virtual Reality

65 websites to waste your time on - Mashable: “The internet has changed the world in myriad ways — it has reshaped politics, retail, media, to name a few things — but it has entirely redefined the way people waste time. If the internet was ever good for anything, in fact, my goodness it it fantastic for wasting time or killing boredom. But not all time wasting is created equal. For instance, your’s truly spends countless hours scrolling through Twitter. That might be bad for me, in the long run. But wouldn’t it be nice to switch up your habits instead of mindless scrolling? The internet is vast and filled with dozens of websites to help you kill time. We did the work of finding some great place you might not know about. So next time you want a new way to pass the time online, we’ve got you covered. Here are 15 of the best sites to waste time…”

In Berlin, a Red Cross nurse is suspected of injecting saline solution instead of the COVID-19 vaccine into as many as 8,600 people in the rural district of Friesland, Germany. From Yahoo! News:

Australians who live abroad denied permission to return overseas despite promises Sydney Morning Herald

"Small rural communities high in the Andes, many of which do not have regular access to law enforcement to resolve disputes, settle their scores once a year in a public arena, with their fists."

Robbing the soil, 1: Commons and classes before capitalism MR Online