Sunday, August 22, 2021

A person or a thing? Inside the fight for animal personhood

 Ritu Gill: “The Internet Archive, commonly known as the Wayback Machine allows users to visit archived versions of websites. The Internet Archive has been archiving sites since 1996 and has 514 billion archived web pages!  If you are wondering how you can use the Internet Archive in your OSINT research, you’ve come to the right place. There are many methods to extract important information from the Wayback Machine to further your OSINT investigations. If you are looking to see historical versions of a website due to the site being deleted or replaced with new content, the Wayback Machine can help. You may need to verify that a target previously worked at a company but the current state of the site does not have the target’s information there. Sometimes a target may intentionally hide information from their present website, looking at older dates of the site may reveal new information. Sometimes you can gather relevant data like names, phone numbers, email addresses, and even metadata from older versions of a website. Let’s explore search methods…” 

At least we can direct our COVID rage at politicians: god knows, they deserve it

TOXIC SOCIAL MEDIA:  ‘Likes’ and ‘shares’ teach people to express more outrage online.

Huh.  Do tell.

Mashable: “Have you been lurking on TikTok and are finally ready to dive in and post your first video? We’ve got you covered. There are so many different kinds of videos posted on TikTok — from dance videos to Booktok — and it can be challenging to figure out how to recreate TikTok trends. While there are many moving parts when making a TikTok video, they are all made in the same way. Our guide walks through the basics of making a TikTok from hands free recording to adding a sound. Follow the steps below to make your very first TikTok!…”

Tom Peters: Design Power

Somebody needs parental guidance

Go to the beach to get drunk in the sun or crash into a wave. Whatever you do, don't bring a book  

Did The Prime Minister Of Australia Sh*t Himself In A McDonald's?Did The Prime Minister Of Australia Sh*t Himself In A McDonald's?

Against Beach Reading

No, this isn't a polemic against the less-than-heavyweight material stereotypically enjoyed on a blanket on the sand. This is a polemic against reading at the beach. - The Atlantic

Larkin’s invocation of Austen is turning into a curse, setting expectations so high that readers can’t fail to be disappointed.

Make of this what you will : The Adventures of Miss Barbara Pym by Paula Byrne book reviewif

The League Of Unfortunate Writers

When your book release happens the same week - or day - that most of your country locks down for a pandemic, well ... that was 2020 for many writers. - NPR

National Geographic – “An animal rights organization wants a New York court to grant Happy the elephant legal personhood. But what would that mean?…”

My 92-Year-Old Mom Reads Proust and Other Instagram Flash Stories | BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog.

The Art Of Distraction

It hardly matters how committed you are to making the best use of your limited time if, day after day, your attention gets wrenched away by things you never wanted to focus on. - The Guardian

The Medici as “Influencers,” The Metropolitan Museum as Clickbait

Do today’s museums need to pander to the short attention spans and trendy rhetoric of the social-media crowd, sabotaging

What The Little Island Reveals About Manhattan Island

Little Island discombobulates many of the ways in which the body physically adapts itself to the pulse of the city. You are neither busy nor bored. - Washington Post

Olympic TV Viewing Might Have Been Down, But Streaming Ratings Exploded

YouTube said, Olympics content was viewed more than 190 million times per day during Tokyo, five times more than the average daily views during Rio five years ago. - Variety

What good is warmth without cold to give it sweetness?
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John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California, where he spent the summers of his youth working on nearby ranches — the setting for much of his literary work, including "Of Mice and Men" and "East of Eden." His experiences gave him insights into the lives of the downtrodden, who often served as the protagonists in his novels. These struggles, not to mention living through the Great Depression, gave Steinbeck a greater appreciation for the good times he enjoyed. Steinbeck followed up the quote above with, "You only truly, deeply appreciate and are grateful for something when you compare and contrast it to something worse."


Song Work: ‘Capturing the disappearing sounds of the workplace‘ / Crazy About Magazines / gaming mags at the Out of Print Archive / Wild Patterns, a website for ‘Dreamed Out Music / Vintage Obscura, streaming obscure music from around the world / abandoned cars in rural France versus Chinese bicycle graveyard (the latter via Greg Abandoned) / sort of related, where all the bits and pieces from the bankrupted Bristol Carsended up before auction / staying abandoned: the recently sold D’Oyly Carte Island on the Thames, a private island and a neglected house / make your own Bauhaus-inspired graphic (via Kottke). Sadly the sort of thing that adds to the lie about abstraction being a somehow lesser art form / speaking of which, Instagram is over, apparently / the panel-bending comic adventures of Mr Invincible / word salad alert: London’s hottest startups, 2021 / rarely seen architectural drawings from Sir John Soane’s collection.