Thursday, August 26, 2021

How to do philosophy Lars P. Syll


Garnett wrote, who had ‘found himself always in the dilemma of either being sincere and cruel, or false and unnatural. Whichever line he followed, he revolted the object of his love and disgusted himself.’
When White took up his position at Stowe in 1932 he was already expert at hiding who he was. For years he’d lived by the maxim Henry Green put so beautifully in his public-school memoir Pack My Bag: ‘The safest way to avoid trouble if one may not be going to fit is to take as great a part as possible in what is going on.’ To gain approval, to avoid trouble, he had to mirror what was around him: it was how he had tried to win love from his mother as a child. It was a life of perpetual disguise.
Helen Macdonald, H is for Hawk

Study Shows Covid-19 Can Be Detected In A Single Asymptomatic Person Through Wastewater Surveillance Forbes

Coronavirus: More than 1 million Israelis vaccinated with third dose i24 News

How to do philosophy Lars P. Syll. A wee tale.

Find Your Soul The Baffler (Anthony L). I’m lucky if I can find my way out of bed in the morning. 

Finding Fukuyama’s Ends Hedgehog Review 

This is how my family think websites are made

What academia used to be like.  Before the internet, that is.

Let’s Try to Make Sense of That $600,000 Rock NFT Bloomberg. The Deck: “Could it be that there’s just too much money sloshing around?”


A Famous Honesty Researcher Is Retracting A Study Over Fake Data Buzzfeed


For Cities, Big-Box Stores Are Becoming Even More of a Terrible Deal Institute for Local Self-Reliance (example). And now “fulfillment centers” are pulling the same scams.

Dan Sinker writes for The Atlantic about how navigating Covid risks, politically motivated bullshit, and America’s failing infrastructure has broken parents during the pandemic: Parents Are Not Okay.

Instead it was a year in limbo: school on stuttering Zoom, school in person and then back home again for quarantine, school all the time and none of the time. No part of it was good, for kids or parents, but most parts of it were safe, and somehow, impossibly, we made it through a full year. It was hell, but we did it. We did it.

Time collapsed and it was summer again, and, briefly, things looked better. We began to dream of normalcy, of trips and jobs and school. But 2021’s hot vax summer only truly delivered on the hot part, as vaccination rates slowed and the Delta variant cut through some states with the brutal efficiency of the wildfires that decimated others. It happened in a flash: It was good, then it was bad, then we were right back in the same nightmare we’d been living in for 18 months.

And suddenly now it’s back to school while cases are rising, back to school while masks are a battleground, back to school while everyone under 12 is still unvaccinated. Parents are living a repeat of the worst year of their lives-except this time, no matter what, kids are going back

Researchers rediscover coffee plant that could thrive in a warmer world Yale Climate Connections. The world is going to hell, but coffee addicts might be protected for a bit