Saturday, August 07, 2021

Confessions of a New York Times Washington correspondent

Citing a snippet from Browning’s long poem ‘Bishop Blougram’s Apology‘ as an epigram for all his works:

Our interest’s on the dangerous edge of things.
The honest thief, the tender murderer,
The superstitious atheist, demirep
That loves and saves her soul in new French books—
We watch while these in equilibrium keep
The giddy line midway…

How To Track A Restricted Phone Number 

A Dire Evolutionary Timeline by ‘Blu’ on the Streets of Italy Colossal 

Boomerang It’s back: COVID returns to Wuhan - this time the Delta strain

Watch: Vegan leather made out of mangoes Boing Boing 

Confessions of a New York Times Washington Correspondent – Bob Smith Pt 2/2

Bob Smith got the Watergate break-in leak before the Washington Post. But the New York Times, then as now, avoids tough political stories.

AND YET IF THEY EAT LESS, THEY’LL LOSE WEIGHT:  Lockdown weight gain: Telling people to eat less has never been the answer.

Annandale: Concrete Blonde House

The Independent Article re The Old Stamp House.

Astronomers have spotted x-rays from behind a supermassive black hole MIT Technology Review

‘Warping space’: For the first time, light has been spotted from behind a black hole USA Today

The physics of climate change was described in the 1800s by scientist Eunice Foote PhysOrg

The IPPA Photographer of the Year Award is open to photographers who use an iPhone or iPad to take photos, and the winners of the 2021 competition demonstrate just how capable these devices are (and how much photography is not about your equipment). I’m struck by how many of the winners were not taken with the latest phones — the grand prize winner (above, top) was shot with an iPhone 7, which came out in 2016. Photos above by Istvan Kerekes, Jeff Rayner, and Enhua Ni.