Saturday, August 14, 2021

Listening to literature - Vogue Magnolia Maymuru

 Hope hinges on two men with no hope.

 I hope to read poems filled with terror and music that changes laws and lives."

 — Leonard Cohen

 China Mulls Crackdown on National Pastime: Singing Karaoke

Napoleon ended up on St. Helena. But some of his loyalists landed in Alabama, where they built a utopian community devoted to viniculture

The friendship plot. When friendship takes on a literary focus, there’s only one story to tell: how it ended  

 “Brother, you’ve got a fan now!” Read a letter from Nina Simone to Langston Hughes

Check out Italian photographer Paolo Pettigiani’s photos of the evaporation ponds of Camargue, France. While these ponds are industrially harvested for their salt, the pink color of the water is naturally occurring in the salt marshes of the area, caused by halophile dunaliella salina algae. The area is also an important bird habitat and is one of the few places in Europe that flamingos live, which might seem like a coincidence until you learn that flamingos gain their pink color from eating the algae and shrimp that also feed on the algae. (via moss & fog)

Vogue Australia’s September Issue with cover girl Indigenous model Magnolia Maymuru has become the magazine most liked cover online in Vogue Australia’s History!

TERRITORY model Magnolia Maymuru’s appearance as Vogue Australia’s September issue cover girl has already gone down as one of the best received in the magazine’s history. 

The post even garnered likes and comments from notable figures such as Zoe Foster Blake and Zinnia Kumar. 

Vogue Delivers Stunning & Quintessentially Aussie Cover Starring Indigenous Model Magnolia Maymuru & Baby Daughter


We are everywhere enlisted in campaigns, told we must be “with” this or “against” that. Can an apolitical political tradition be revived?...  For and Against 

A sealed copy of 'Super Mario Bros.' has sold for a record-breaking $2 millionA sealed copy of 'Super Mario Bros.' has sold for a record-breaking $2 million

Twitter appoints 'grievance officer' to obey India's internet rulesTwitter appoints 'grievance officer' to obey 

Articles of Note

In the past 20 years, essay collections went from bookshop bottom feeders to best sellers. What changed was the moral character of the American essay 

New Books

Time to paint? You have more than 40,000 colors to choose from. So many, they're running out of sensible names 

Essays & Opinions

Analytic philosophy is "degenerating"; particle physics is "irrelevant"; math may die "within a generation." Why are so many disciplines hitting dead ends?

23 Things To Buy When You Finally Decide To Update Your Kitchen