Monday, August 16, 2021

Taxation of Instagram Influencers,


HM Revenue & Customs is moving in the right direction on tax evasion – so why won’t it collect all the data it needs to clamp down on abuse?

I had not noted a new consultation started by HM Revenue & Customs on 31 July, but which is definitely worth commenting on. The consultation
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Watch out! Tax office bombs are about to drop

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Michal Radvan (Masaryk University, Faculty of Law), Taxation of Instagram Influencers, 30 Studia Iuridica Lublinensia 339 (2021):

InstagramThis scientific article discusses issues related to the taxation of Instagram influencers. Its main objective is to define how the influencers’ incomes should be taxed. To achieve this primary purpose, the partial objective is defined to give thelist of (legal) cooperation contracts between the marketers and influencers. The hypothesis that there is no need to adopt new specific tax law norms to tax influencers’ incomes properly, at least in developed countries, was confirmed. All jurisdictions are taxing influencers’ incomes. It is always necessary to focus on the content of the relationship generating influencer’s income, as the principle of priority of content over form must be used. The tax liability is influenced only by the tax base. The tax rate and other structural components of the tax remain the same for different types of incomes.

Generally, it is always better for the influencer to have a trading license (to be a businessman) than tax his/her incomes as incomes from copyright. Incomes from dependent activities based on labour law contract or occasional incomes are not probable for a typical influencer, and still, the taxation in this way is not realy favourable. The novelty of the presented research lies in the fact that no scientific articles deal with the covered issues published so far. The author believes that the article has a cognitive value for both science and practice.

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ADAM CAROLLA:  “Shitty politicians have figured out they can use race like shitty restaurants use bacon. Just infuse it into everything to cover up the mediocrity.”

Summary.   The lockdown that we’ve all just lived through created a period during which a lot of people had the opportunity to reflect on...

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JUST ANOTHER DC MONEY & POWER GRAB: The ‘Infrastructure’ Bill: The Deeper You Get, The Worse It Gets. “It has just $110 billion, or less than 10%, for what’s historically been considered infrastructure—roads and bridges. The other 90% is to fund mass transit waste, green energy nonsense, and more items that the states or the private sector could do.”

GORDON CHANG: The Delta Variant Could End The Chinese Communist Party.

There have been more than 30 outbreaks around China after the initial cases in Wuhan of last year, including a particularly devastating flare-up hitting Guangdong province ports beginning in late May. Draconian measures were seemingly successful in isolating China’s COVID-19 cases, however. The Party, beginning early last year, used its handling of the virus as proof of the superiority of its system over, among others, “Western democracy.”