Thursday, August 05, 2021

What Should Happen to Our Data When We Die?

 Women - Amen 🙏 - at Olympic Games

This week on Insight Kumi Tagchi moderates a discussion on “Life Undercover.”

What happens when your livelihood depends on deceiving, manipulating and lying about who you really are? On this episode of Insight, we ask undercover police officers, victims of undercover stings, and a man who lived a three-year lie: What are the moral and ethical challenges of living a double life?

 Russia Disconnects from Internet in Tests as It Bolsters Security


 ‘Advanced’ Nuclear Reactors? Don’t Hold Your Breath
Scientific American

 Space Data Integrator

 What Ever Happened to IBM's Watson?

 A Severe Drought Is Threatening the Hoover Dam Reservoir—and Water Throughout the West
Mother Jones

 The end of open source?
Shaun O'Meara

 Niemoeller's Boiled Frog: Weaponization of App Data
Josephy Cox via Henry Baker

 Hoe no! Facebook snafu spells trouble for gardening group
AP News

 Hackers Turning to 'Exotic' Programming Languages for Malware Development
The Hacker News

 Disinformation for Hire, a Shadow Industry, Is Quietly Booming
Max Fisher

 What Should Happen to Our Data When We Die?]

 Breast Cancer Patient Attacked by Violent Anti-Mask Protest Outside Los Angeles Clinic Vice

 'STFU' is anti-science
Tunku Varadarajan via Henry Baker

 The Problem With Stealing High-End Electronics and Beer
Now I Know

 Re: Traffic Analysis and Herd Immunity (anthony youngman}

 Re: Rounding errors could make certain stop-watches pick wrong race winners
Jim Garrison

 Re: YouTube fined 100 000 Euros delaying court order to restore video
Dick Mills

 Re: A secret algorithm is transforming DNA evidence. This defendant could be the first to scrutinize it.
Michael Black

 Re: Some locals say a bitcoin mining operation is ruining one of the Finger Lakes. Here's how.
David B. Horvath

 Re: RFI on scientific integrity
David B. Horvath

 Info on RISKS (comp.risks)

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Six Nigerians on FBI Most wanted list
In depth article on unemployment benefit theft in the U.S.
  • May hit $440 billion
  • Bots used to file for unemployment
  • IP addresses from China, Nigeria and Russia
  • Also Cuba, Eritrea, Fiji and Monaco
Study of complaints to CFPB about virtual wallets (PayPal, cash apps); finds they soared during the pandemic; how they work and protections they have (if any)
Why people can’t cut their losses; the sunk cost fallacy
Review and recommendation: High Noon, for which Gary Cooper won the best actor Oscar.  Excellent, and not a shoot ‘em up.  An honorable man faced with a town that won’t help.  Named one of the 25 best films ever made.
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